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review comodo

Comodo Free Firewall review your security toolkit – you need anti-virus too – but Comodo offers good protection against malicious apps. Based on the proprietary Dragon platform, Comodo Internet Security Pro performs definition-based scans for viruses. Our Comodo review confirmed that the. Comodo has an overall rating of out of 5, based on over reviews left anonymously by employees. 65% of employees would recommend working. ANYDESK MANJRO Приобрести Подробнее 25,00. Приобрести Подробнее 125,00. Бесплатная доставка от 400 грн Время с пн. Brasmatic 063 30-43-575 тестера косметики, пробники 304-35-75 Товаров в корзине: 0 На интернет магазин косметики. Приобрести Подробнее 1.

The biggest difference between these two programs is Complete comes with 50GB of secured online backup storage. This lets you save important files, documents, folders and images just in case your computer crashes or is infected with malware. This is the most online storage space offered by any premium security suite we tested.

Most programs that offer online storage cap your space at 20 or 25GB, and a few programs only offer 1 or 2GB. These include a system vulnerability scanner, password managers and webcam protections. More and more security programs include these features as part of their overall protection suites, especially since these tools tackle some of the most common tactics hackers and identity thieves use to invade your privacy.

If you are looking for a program that includes these tools, we suggest looking at Bitdefender since most of the features come standard with even its basic antivirus program. Its dashboard was easy to navigate with the most important tools displayed front and center. Plus, neither include important security tools like a password manager or system vulnerability scan.

Nicole writes for multiple Future Publishing brands covering topics from antivirus to kitchen appliances to SAS. She has over 15 years of research and writing experience, including eight years of testing and reviewing consumer products. In her spare time, Nicole serves as a member of several school councils and volunteers for a local arts board. Home Reviews. Our Verdict. For Comodo offers a virus protection guarantee.

Top Ten Reviews Verdict. Image 1 of Image 2 of Image 3 of Image 4 of Image 5 of Details aside, Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 remains a capable solution, and climbing up to Comodo's starter commercial product, Comodo Advanced Antivirus 11, only brings a few more features, such as protection for shopping and banking, and unlimited support. Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 is free to use, and has a few annoying quirks that are common to free software.

During installation, it went right to work modifying our browser, resetting its home and new tab pages to Yahoo, as well as changing the default search engine. It is possible to avoid this by unchecking various boxes during installation, but speeding through without really reading the fine print will leave your browser in a mess.

It's not all bad news though; the installer also offers to install some important features, including Comodo's secure Dragon Browser and Comodo Secure DNS. When you install the Comodo Dragon browser, your full Chrome settings such as bookmarks, cookies, and history are imported automatically.

This is convenient if you're a fan of Google's browser, but we'd also like to see some support for others as well. Avast, for example, grabs settings from both Chrome and Firefox when its secure browser is installed. Setup takes some time due to a slow pre-installation scan and a virus database update that took two minutes to complete in our tests. Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 provides a flexible interface with options to suit different purposes.

Security status check-ins and scans are easily initiated with a tiny desktop widget, with another option to access the more traditional antivirus console. There's also an Advanced View available, which provides instant access to Comodo's most powerful features. There are plenty of options for new users Comodo can perform just like other antivirus programs, with a choice of quick and full scans , but power users will want to step up to Comodo's advanced options.

These include a Rating Scan, which checks running processes, focusing on commonly infected areas, and provides a reputation score for everything it finds. Some processes aren't full fledged malware, but are marked out as untrusted due to their behavior. If you suspect that your PC might be infected by a new type of malware, but need verification, the Rating Scan can point you in the right direction.

When it comes to regular antivirus scans, Comodo can check your whole PC, or focus on specific files and folders. It can also focus on commonly infected locations, or just scan the processes currnetly running. Individual scans can be fine-tuned in various ways, with adjustable heuristics the ability to check for new threats that haven't yet been catalogued , the option to check for reputation scores online, and an adaptable scheduler.

You can choose to run scans on a regular schedule Tuesdays at 3pm, for example , or scan your PC only on weekdays, or when the system is totally idle powered by AC current. The choice is yours. It's important to create this while your PC is running smoothly, and keep it in a safe place for emergencies. You can also run a web browser inside the sandbox for a defense against web-based malware.

It's also possible to create a complete virtual desktop, providing a secure, isolated environment where you can install potentially risky software without any threat to your actual system. We appreciate this option, but we're not sure why it requires you to install Microsoft SIlverlight.

Microsoft stopped development of Silverlight in , with the exception of criticual secuity updates, and Google Chrome ended support for it several years ago. Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 also includes a secure browser, Comodo Dragon. This is a Chromium-based browser with antivirus protection baked in. Unfortuntely, Comodo seems to force Dragon on its users, with frequent pop-ups urging you to make it your default web browser, even if you're not interested.

If a program carries out a potentially dangerous action such as running an executable file , HIPS will warn you and let you choose whether the software should be allowed to proceed. It's possible to tweak the HIPS behavior rules, but this requires some expert knowledge.

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Review comodo Became official on 22 December The smaller e-commerce sites, specifically, will benefit a great deal from the entry SSL Certificate from Comodo. Really helpful. Unfortuntely, Comodo seems to force Dragon on review comodo users, with frequent pop-ups urging you to make it your default web browser, even if you're not interested. Unfortunately, Comodo lacks web-filtering, which means that the system does not block malicious URLs.

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If you run into an unknown or untrusted application, Comodo can run it in a sandbox to prevent it infecting your PC. You're able to run browsers or other legitimate applications in the sandbox, or even an entire virtual desktop, again making it very difficult for any threats to modify your PC or monitor what you're doing online. Knowledgeable users can enable and tweak a Host Intrusion Protection System, giving them a great deal of fine-grained control over what apps can do on your system.

There is a notable omission in the lack of web filtering, which means the system doesn't block malicious URLs. But Comodo's auto-sandboxing should ensure that even the very latest, undiscovered threats are blocked, and there's a vast array of bonus features to fill any other security holes. Comodo 12 doesn't have any major new features that are visible up-front, but the Release Notes page includes plenty of low-level geek-friendly additions "Heuristic Command-Line Analysis" and "Embedded Code Detection" for scanning and monitoring of auto-run entries.

Still, it's a measure of how capable Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 is, that upgrading to its baseline commercial product, Comodo Advanced Antivirus 12, adds little more than shopping and banking protection and unlimited support. Comodo's free antivirus is easy to find on the website, and we were able to download and launch the installer in a very few seconds. By default, this installs Comodo's secure Dragon Browser as well as Comodo Antivirus, and although you can avoid this, it takes a little work.

If you do decide to install Comodo Dragon, it can also import all your Chrome settings bookmarks, cookies, history and so on to ensure it's immediately ready for browsing. Comodo is very, very keen for you to agree to set Yahoo! It's so keen that this is checked as a default option during installation, so it'll happen unless you're paying attention and explicitly disable it.

Comodo hasn't finished, though, and after rebooting, another alert headlined 'Comodo Dragon' also asks if you'd like to 'improve your browsing experience. Sure, this is a free app, and Comodo has to fund it somehow. But these are the kind of sneaky adware tricks we want Comodo to block, not something it should be engaging in itself.

Once setup was complete, a post-installation scan checked our key system areas in under three minutes. The program claimed to have found three threats, but when we browsed the details, two of these are 'unrecognized autorun entries' which it decided to ignore, and the other was a falsely flagged legitimate application. It was easy to add this to Comodo's list of trusted files, though, and after accepting a prompt to reboot, Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 was up and running and we were ready to explore.

Comodo Free Antivirus opens with a simple and straightforward interface: one large tile highlights your security status, while others lead you to common tasks scan your system, run a program in the sandbox, update Comodo and more. A menu bar gives you access to more advanced tasks and a vast number of advanced settings.

That all works for us, but if you're not happy, the package has a lot of options. At a minimum you can view your security status and launch scans from a tiny desktop widget, but the program also supports three other themes, with a very different look and feel. You don't have to get involved with the complicated stuff, of course. Newbies can use the program much like any other antivirus - click Scan, choose a Quick or Full Scan and wait for the results - but life does get more interesting if you explore Comodo's other options.

A Rating Scan, for instance, scans running processes and commonly infected areas and reports on the reputation of all the files it finds. This is interesting as it can show you files which aren't clearly malicious, but are considered untrusted both executables and certificates , as well as files that Comodo hasn't seen before. If you suspect you've been infected by something nasty, but can't prove it, the Rating Scan may be able to point you in the right direction.

Comodo can also scan specified files and folders, or you can set up multiple custom scans to carry out your choice of actions. These include the option to scan particular files and folders, the trusted root certification authorities store, the contents of RAM, commonly infected areas or the entire computer.

You're able to customize key settings for individual scans - the sensitivity of any heuristics checks, whether the scanner can connect to the cloud to query file ratings - and there's an unusually configurable scheduler. Comodo doesn't just enable running the scan daily or weekly at pm, for instance: it's just as easy to have your scan launch on Monday to Friday only, but only if the computer is idle and not running on battery.

Comodo's sandbox is an unusual highlight. In a click or two you're able to run suspect programs in a secure environment where they can't make permanent changes to your PC. Alternatively, run a browser in the sandbox and it will protect you from some web-based malware, while also limiting the ability of any malware which might be on your PC to monitor what you're doing.

An option to install a full virtual desktop gives you a complete isolated environment for maximum security. It's a welcome addition to the package, although the need to install Microsoft Silverlight to make it work seems a little, well, bizarre. Microsoft hasn't been developing Silverlight other than adding security patches since , and Google Chrome hasn't supported the technology for years. Comodo Dragon is a Chromium-based browser which comes bundled with Free Antivirus.

This protects your privacy by cutting out the telemetry Chrome normally sends to Google, as well as blocking cookies, forcing HTTPS connections, looking out for dubious SSL certificates, and more. Dragon does its job, but look out for Comodo's frequent attempts to push it on you, to get you to set it as your default browser, and as we've discussed to set Yahoo!

Download and installation of applications was slower than the industry standard, too, as was file copying. We saw a noticeable slowdown on our system when launching software or copying files to the disk. When it came to false warnings, Comodo Internet Security registered false detections of legitimate software as malware during a system scan. We noticed that, too.

When we ran a full system scan on our test machine, which took an hour and 10 minutes, it reported that GIMP, a popular image manipulation program, was a threat. We use GIMP to crop pictures, add text to them, change their colors, etc.

Another third-party lab we use is AV-Comparatives , but after looking through test results dating back to February , we found no record of Comodo Internet Security taking part in its testing. That being the case, we decided to do hands-on testing. During the full-system scan we performed, it found EICAR files on our hard drive, which are used for malware testing. The use of these files has been universally agreed upon by the antivirus industry as a standardized way to test the functionality of antivirus software.

Once the scan was done, Comodo Internet Security required us to identify each file we wanted to add to the trusted file list. When we began live testing with EICAR files from the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization website we use for our in-house testing, Comodo Internet Security protected us from downloading malware, drive-by downloads, potentially unwanted applications and on the cloud.

When we tried to download compressed software that was infected, Comodo Internet Security failed 9 out of 11 tests. Comodo Internet Security allows you to add extensions, such as. After we added those extensions to its list and tried downloading the infected compressed files again, it caught them.

Overall, it has good protection but it could be better. Telephone support is only available for the paid versions, so we gave the live chat support a try. Clicking the help icon on the interface sends you to a simple chat screen. We asked a simple question about changing the theme and colors of the interface.

When we tried to clarify the question, the responses changed in timing and tone, leading us to believe a human had taken over. It was difficult to be sure though. Comodo offers an online forum, as well as the online help. In our experience, user forums can be hit-and-miss with regard to how relevant the available questions and answers are to our particular needs.

The online help option, accessed from the icon in the interface, was much more helpful than the chat or forum. The level of detail is impressive. We were impressed overall, though. It got excellent scores from the one third-party lab that tested it, as well as decent results from our hands-on testing.

This is an antivirus you can feel confident about. You can download Comodo Internet Security and try it without worry. What do you think about Comodo Internet Security? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading. About features: Yes, it has a password manager, of course! A file shredder is unuseful than other important tools. A VPN can be installed separately by other vendor. About protection: Phishing protection looks gone, but others capabilities replace it much better.

Wave FreshBooks vs. Xero FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks Online Xero vs. Antivirus Comodo Internet Security Suite. However, any affiliate earnings do not affect how we review services. Visit Comodo Internet Security Suite. Weaknesses: No password manager No file shredder No webcam protection No microphone protection No phishing protection Slows system down.

Visit Malwarebytes Malwarebytes Review Malwarebytes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Password manager. File shredder. Multi-OS support. Parental control.

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