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Beautiful bell. The weight, craftsmanship and age make this cymbal exceptionally distinct. It's massively musical and just plain fun to play. Splash away, this beauty delivers. It's recorded with an iPhone. In an empty, tile-floor room. Not ideal; better than nothing. Snatch this up. You'll be glad you did. Tell a friend! All others. Please contact me for additional shipping cost. Winning bidder. Kindly pay within 24 hours of auction end. I will send package on the first business day, after payment clears.

Any questions, just ask. International buyers and those with less than 10 feedback ratings, please contact me prior to bidding. Has some edge roughness see pics and some keyholing see pics but no cracks and no dents. Weighs about grams. So ask if you're concerned about such things and can't tell by looking Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont, please contact us before purchase, as you may have to pay a small surcharge if shipping exceeds the listed cost not likely Combine shipping discounts offered on multiple lis.

This thin cymbal has no cracks, flea-bites, dents, bends or key-holing. Crash away, this beauty delivers. A sweet pair of factory matched hats. Weighing approximately grams and grams respectively. These fine cymbals were used extensively. They were polished and the finish shows it. They're in very good playable condition, otherwise. These cymbals have no cracks, flea-bites, dents, bends or key-holing.

Also, note, the two types of ink stamps are reversed on each cymbal. So, the top has"AA Rock Hats" stamped on the outside, while the bottom has it stamped on the inside. These cymbals were made when Sabian was still the fairly new kid on the block. Mission accomplished on this pair. Beautiful bells. The weight, craftsmanship and age make this pair exceptionally distinct. They're massively musical and just plain fun to play. Play away, these beauties deliver.

They are basically AAs before they started putting"AA" on them. The top hat is quite thin I believe it's thinner than a"Regular Hat" top The bottom is fairly thick and has rivets installed that have a lot of rust on the tails and it also has factory vent holes. There's some slight keyholing on the top hat. There's a nick on the edge of each cymbal shown in pics there's patina and stickmarks and scratches but no dents.

Combine shipping discounts offered on multiple li. Comes from a 's drum kit. I've included a number of photos with detail for you to check out. Well-kept in a clean. Pet and smoke-free, climate-controlled environment. In very nice condition with a little wear as shown commensurate with its age see pics I take time and care with packaging. Sold as-is. Exactly as you see it in the photos.

No chemicals have been used on this cymbal to shine or restore and it still looks brilliant. Thank you! Looking for something else? I've got other cymbals for sale. Rare and vintage models! A pair of factory matched gems. These fine cymbals are used. So, there are stick marks, fingerprints and a few smudges on the surface. Too, there is a nice natural patina developing. They're in very good condition, otherwise.

So, the top has"light hi hat" on the outside, while the bottom has it on the inside. Until they were acquired by Sabian in the early 80's. Sabian moved production to Canada and eventually discontinued the brand. Sounds like something the late Zildjian brothers wanted to do to each other on this continent. The weight, craftsmanship and age make these hats exceptionally versatile- live or studio.

They're massively musical and ultra responsive. At least you'll have an idea of what they sound like. They're recorded with an iPhone. In an empty tile floor room. These light hats are rare. Snatch these up. So, there are lots of stick marks, fingerprints and a few oxidation marks on the surface. She's in very good condition, otherwise. Remarkably, this paper thin cymbal has no cracks, flea-bites, dents, or bends.

The key-hole is slightly out of round, though- see pic. The weight, craftsmanship and age make this cymbal exceptionally versatile. It's massively musical and ultra responsive. It sounds great with sizzles, as well. Ride or crash, this beauty delivers. This flanged Italian version of a"china" is rare. It has the most uniquely authentic"Chinese" sound I've ever heard- musical. Not trashy.

This light weight treasure has a super fast crisp sound to it and would make wonderful addition. Please be sure to use the zoom button so as to get a close look and see our other auctions as we combine and ship world wide. Shipping charges include deluxe packaging. All handling and delivery confirmation. Payment would be appreciated 2 days from this auctions end. Thank you for looking and God bless.

Vintage Sabian Rocktagon 18 Inch. Cracks or keyholing. Aside from being old and a little dirty this cymbal has been well cared for. Warm and bright crash with steady sustain. Medium weight Excellent condition- Original patina. Listen to the embedded sound clip- embedded Flash player, and see condition description details on condition. Logos, Store fronts and more! InkFrog Analytics. Sabian HH EQ 14" vintage hi-hats. In great condition. No key holing, cracks or dings.

The top hat is completely flat for a more even tone, its a heavy cymbal so great for rock. Please email me with any questions. Photos to come. For some reason it won't let me upload. International postage cost is an European and US estimate. Please m email if bidding from elsewhere. Everyone knows a cymbal does not sound good until it has been broken in.

I would put these next to any b8's on the market today. If you are looking for a starter or intermediate crash or crash ride for you or your or someone you know, don't waste money on new b8's they suck. These were hand pick after going though stacks of cymbals in the coolest drum shop around. Manny's NYC In the specific cymbal room. They closed the door and had shelves and shelves of cymbals. Besides the guys that work there, They were very cool the other cool thing is that they had a drum set set up so you could get the full flavor of the cymbals you were choosing.

No rush too. I must of been there for at east an hour. Putting aside stuff I like until it came down to these hats. These have not been stored in a climate controlled room certified by NASA. They traveled in every direction and every possible gig imaginable. From Bossa Nova to heavy metal double bass drum pumping and thrashing. These hats did it all. I never desired another pair of Sabian was a relatively new company at the time of purchase but quickly became a force in the business.

This is your opportunity to pick up some rare and killer hats. Ship to your door via UPS. Tracking info will be forwarded. Check out the tons of stuff I am selling. Everything is going! I have 40 of them to sell here. No Cracks, Basic oxidization, the sound of this cymbal is absolutely amazing. Full response, Bright explosive, bright bell, Can be used as a Ride or Crash.

Great either way. Any questions please feel free to ask. As of right now 15 bidders are watching this item. Sabian B20 Crash Made in Italy that weighs about grams. It has a quick decay and a pretty gritty. Dark wash. It's got some keyholing and some roughness on the edge one spot I'd say is a tiny nick, see pics but no dents.

It's got no cracks. It may have some logo fade. So ask if you're concerned about such things and can't tell by looking at the pics what to expect. Combine shipping discounts offered on multiple listings purchased at the same time we'll charge right around our actual shipping cost It would help if you could contact us before purchasing to let us know. Especially if you need details.

The listed price w. Up for sale is a vintage 18"45cm Sabian Medium Thin Crash cymbal. This crash is dark and amazing. Old school Sabian crash cymbal in much better than expected condition. Check out my other auctions. Well isn't this a helluva deal! These matched set 14" Sabian B20 Hi-Hat cymbals actually sound awesome! The B means Bronze. Now here's the kicker: The bottom cymbal has two cracks.

A little handy drill work, and the crack will never grow. But in the mean time, these still sound awesome. Like, unrealistically awesome. Crisp, punching, bright, and a fast decay. Becoming more rare with each passing year. No zero bidders and no international shipping. Lower 48 states only. Please send me any questions you may have regarding these hi hats before bidding. Plays great. Looks great, sound is excellent. Sound: from a nice'ting' to a washy ride. It's a fairly heavy cymbal though it may be considered'medium' Sturdy, without markings on the top.

It's marked B8 in red on the bottom. And measures 20" in diameter. Sabian describes the B8 20" ride as bright and focused: crisp stick definition. Cutting bell. And bright tonal response create a versatile ride. Photos are of the actual cymbal. Sold exactly as you see it. I give time and care to packaging. And considering the weight and composition of this cymbal, I prefer Priority Mail for fast shipping and tracking. No chemicals have been used on this cymbal. I've got more cymbals for sale!

Sabian B8 13 inch Hi Hat Cymbals. Top and Bottom Two Cymbals. Vintage sound. A friend of mine bought these. Used them twice, and put them in his garage. As you can see they are in need of cleaning. There's a video on Youtube that shows how to clean cymbals with Ketchup, or Coke. Check it out. These are perfect for someone who needs a spare set or maybe just getting started. Despite their present appearance, they sound great.

I'm a drummer and know decent equipment when I see it. I have two sets of very old Hi Hat Cyms and just don't need these. Bidding is restricted to the USA. No Zero, or Negative Feedback Bidders! These are being sold Locally so I will reserve the right to end this auction early should they sell. Zildjian K Quality! This cymbal has an amazing sound and great sound qualities.

This has a Canada stamp and I believe was an earlier production in the 80's. This is a very versatile cymbal and also sounds great with a sizzle cord on it. Would be a great candidate for rivets as a sizzle crash. Very clean high pitch. NOTE: I am charging 30 for shipping because item will be carefully double boxed in peanuts. This will prevent it from popping inside out or being dented These things have happened to me! Item will be shipped within 2 business days.

As pictured and as is. The edge is smooth- the mounting hole has a few imperfections as seen in the pictures. Posted with eBay Mobile Posted with. This cymbal is beautiful and very well taken care of. NOTE: Item will be painstakingly double boxed in peanuts. Item will be shipped within 2 business days and usually go out next morning. I will revise the listing to eliminate shipping cost. B8 It shows wear. Please see pictures. Sold as is. If you have any questions. Please contact us. We will combine shipping.

Please wait for an. Invoice for combined shipments. Please pay within 4 days unless you have contacted us to make other arrangements. We are always happy to answer your questions. If there is a problem please contact us. International buyers please note that shipping costs. Do not include any duty charged by customs. Thank- you! No issues. Keyholing, cracks. These are Italian lathed cymbals from around ?

I do not know the weights. Only Serious bidders please. I ship internationally. I have TONS of great items for sale! Check them all out! And that's the SALE price too! For 13s" However all is not lost! I happen to have right here and offered up for your immense pleasure. Check out the pictures. I am happy to report that there are NO nicks. Cracks, dents or dings on Sabian describes these hihats as: Heavy. Unlathed, air-vented bottom boosts power and crispness for increased clarity and precision.

And that is accurate. What's interesting about these Fusion Hats is that the bottom cymbal is Heavy. Raw and Unlathed. Almost Paiste-like, but a bit warmer. And that is exactly the vibe of this pair of HH Fusion Hats. And if you take a look at the bell of the bottom cymbal you'll see Quick Beat styled holes.

This feature ensures fast pedal action like Zildjian Quick Beats. What many people may not realize is that Sabian uses this feature on several series of hihat. The vintage 50's or early 60's Zildjian 20" ride came to me with the repaired crack.

It is an interesting cymbal that reminds me of some old K Zildjian rides I have heard- good ping but trashy sounding. It has a crash like a"crash of doom" I had a few years ago. But a bit less bite that the crash of doom had. The fixed crack measures about 8 inches and has a Y shape at one end.

There is one minor crack I see coming off one of the drilled holes this is near the Zildjian logo This cymbal weighs approximately 4 pounds 12 ounces and has 17 rivet holes drilled. A very unique cymbal with a nice trashy ride that cuts through. Complex lathing and hand hammering on this one. The Sabian HH Sound Control 20" ride also weighs approximately 4 pounds 12 ounces, but sounds very different from the Zildjian due to its flat flanged The cut-out portion measures approximately 6" on the edge and is about 1.

A nice ping with controlled wash and very crashable cymbal. Both cymbals have had cracks repaired, but there are a couple of drill holes in each that show very minor spreading of cracks that would require you to redrill holes larger to stop crack from spreading during very hard playing. Owner Sergio Bellotti, a worldwide performer, clinician and educator faculty at Berklee College of Music brings to the table years of experience in selecting the best gear while offering at the lowest prices.

At drums,while we match or beat anyone's prices we pride ourselves to make sure nobody will beat our services. The Website and these Auctions as well as our twitter. Don't Settle Description from manufacturer or other popular websites: google. Wikipedia etc: no longer made-this is pre aax aa etc- Conditions: used never abused. Payment is expected at time of purchase.

Then we will get our final value fee back and the buyer will get a strike on there account. This is the only way we can get Please be sure you want this item before bidding. Listings for items 3 LB and larger are usually set with Fed-Ex shipping because it is more affordable. On combined small item purchases over 3 LB. We will usually calculate shipping using Fed-Ex. If you have special shipping requests please contact us through the eBay message system.

Alaska, or Puerto Rico, please send us a message or give us a call at for a shipping quote. Items will be shipped out the next business day following payment. Sorry we can not offer International shipping on Drum sets the cost is far too expensive. International Shipping: Buyer adds auction specified shipping amount at auction's end. Shipping amount listed in auction is only for the lower 48 US States. Alaska, and all international buyers must contact us for a shipping quote before bidding.

I'm not sure when it was manufactured and there is no serial number. We acquired the cymbal from a Milwaukee based music retailer that recently liquidated it's inventory. The cymbal in exceptional like new condition with virtually no patina. There are no dings dents or chips and the edges are clean. The cymbal weighs in at g. Please see the photo's below for details and please contact us if you have any questions! There appears to be some kind of autograph on the bottom of the cymbal.

But I can't verify who's it is. There are no dents or cracks to be found, and the bell is nearly pristine. The mount hole is in very good condition as well, with absolutely no sign of key holing to be found. This is an absolutely amazing set, and won't stay around long so don't hesitate!

Feel free to contact us with any questions. ST]K-8] F. If you prefer an expedited service, we would be more than happy to send you cost estimates for the additional Most of our items are sent out via UPS Ground which is an estimated days for delivery. Most of our items are shipped out within the same day or within 24 hours of payment being sent. As we are not in the office for the weekend. A signature may need to sign for your package upon arrival.

If you will not be available to sign for the package when the item arrives, please contact us and we can remove the signature requirement. However, the package will not have as much shipping security. As a company. We try to insure receipt of each item and we always put the appropriate insurance amount on each package. Each transaction will include a tracking number. If you s. Here is one very dirty. This one has no damage or cracks, but is filthy haha. Good luck! This cymbal also has the factory 2-year warranty from the day of purchase!

Click Images to Enlarge By popular demand we have added an additional seller and store. Both will be active with only the best new. Used and vintage drum gear. Please add us to your favorite sellers list. For immediate shipping please call our shop and pay over the phone Payment must be recieved no later than 7 days after close of auction. International customers will be responsible Vintage Sabian hi hats 14" Tosco b20 made in Italy hand hammered.

These are amazing hats. The weights are,top grams, bottom grams. These are hand hammered. Nice chick, and very sizzly. No cracks or keyholes. Sabian bought tosco, which was a cymbal maker in Italy, also known now as Ufip. Please see my other auctions, lots if cymbals, snare,etc. Lower 48 only no international bids. And have someone handle it from there. Must paypal within 24 hours. Older vintage. I think it is a high hat or maybe a crash. The center is domed. Then the cymbal is built almost straight out to the edge with a very slight doming.

Rings of brass show from the center to the edge. If any of you can give me more information I can add to my listing. It will be appreciated! I was just told it could be cut down because the logo is not complete? Scroll down for more close up photos showing the condition and fine details. Everything in the auction is in the photos. They are actual photos of this item. Thank you for looking at our listing!

We are happy to ship any method you like. If you are an international bidder. First class may be the cheapest method to ship if size permits, but it can also take much longer for your item to arrive. We've had first class international shipments take from one week to 3 months! There are not guarantees when the item will arrive and the shipment cannot be tracked.

Priority shipping will cost more, but it will be easier to track and usually faster to arrive. You are welcome to figure the cost of shipping yourself. We're in Kalispell, Montana MT and our zip code is We only charge actual shipping costs. We are not near any major cities here in NW Montana and sometimes shipping costs are higher than expected, especially for international shipping. I am sorry for this. We have no control over shipping charges. I wish we could ship to you for less! I've tried to include enough photographs to show the condition of everything included in this auction.

Everything included in this auction is in the photos. Please let us know. As hi hats. As crash cymbals they complement each other beautifully with nice contrasting resonance. Although unmarked due to cleanings, both cymbals resemble that of the Classic Zildjian A series, although the lighter cymbal has hand hammered dimples throughout.

Cymbal 2 looks much like a vintage Zildjian Avedis, however both cymbals have a more brilliant finish! Trust me, these aren't some cheap B8 quality cymbals! Top of the line cymbals with great versatility!

Both cymbals free of any cracks. Keyholing, or any other surface anomalies. Designed with the Rush drummer! Very fast. Sharp, and biting. Developed with Neil Peart of Rush. The Paragon series blends 2 styles of lathing for a very balanced cymbal tone. With AAX pinpoint lathing on the top and classic Turkish-style AA lathing on the bottom combined with the hand-hammered bell.

The pinpoint lathing creates a narrower groove for a fast, lively response on the top, while the traditional AA lathing creates a wider groove for a fuller, richer tone on the bottom side. It has a great sound and is in nice condition. Excellent set of 14" Sabian AA Regular hats. These are as versatile a set of hi-hats as you'll find. Crisp, and bright for tight articulation. Yet heavy enough to open up strong enough to cut through a rock mix.

Sabian struck quite a balance with these. Buy with confidence! It has been kept in a cymbal sleeve most of its life. Cymbal sounds like a champ! There is a lot of space to find your favorite tone! The stand is a PDP model. Use the"Pay with Credit Card" selection during checkout or call us toll-free at Auctions include only what is pictured.

If it is not pictured or listed. It is NOT included. Rebay Reseller is a resale and pawn shop in Boulder. Colorado and we do not claim to be experts in any one field nor do we know an item's history unless noted All electronics are fully tested and working properly unless otherwise noted AS-IS. There is no return on AS-IS items. In perfect condition.

Mint: Like New condition. Pre-owned Near Mint: Almost mint. Free from any scratches, scuffs, or blemishes. Excellent: Pre-Owned. Minimal signs of wear from normal usage. Very Good: Pre-Owned and may have noticeable scratches. Scuffs, or blemishes. Good: Pre-Owned and may have major marks. Blemishes or scratches. Payment must be received within 6 days of the close of auction unpaid item case will be opened after 2 days. See our Boulder. CO store hours below or contact us for details. Colorado addresses are required to pay our current local sales tax of 8.

Our standard US shipping service is Ground insured for large items. All listed Flat Rate shipping charges are only available to the 48 contiguous states. This one hurts. Drier than you'd expect, this has such a sultry vibe. Excellent light ride- I prefer this to their standard ride.

Slappy stick sound. DARK wash, Killin' bell, beautiful hammering! Super Fun to Play and a great dark crash for those who like bigger crash cymbals. Listen: soundcloud. Just some stick marks! Buyer to pay shipping and handling. All sales are final so please ask questions prior to bidding. Best of luck to all and happy ebaying! Crisp stick definition. Cutting bell, and bright tonal response create a versatile ride.

In decent used condition. Free of any keyholeing or damage. Solid tones to this cymbal. The lettering on the top of the cymbal has worn-off making it hard to distinguish what model number this cymbal really is. Shipping available to most international locations. I'm guessing it's from the 80's or 90's since I've had it for many years. Excellent condition. Hole looks good.

Nice jazzy ride cymbal. Please look at the photos and ask questions before bidding. I purchased them at an estate sale and no nothing about them. I believe they are in good condition with a few nicks and some tarnish. Please feel free to contact me. Payment is expected within 7 days. After which time I reserve the right to relist my item. If there is a situation in which payment may be delayed, please communicate with me, so that I am aware.

Thank You. If you are bidding from Alaska or Hawaii. Please contact me before bidding so that I may give you an accurate shipping cost. I usually ship within 24 hours of payment. If for some reason I am away from home and am unable to use that time frame I will contact you, If you should have any questions.

Email me any questions. Vintage Tosco Abex Sabian 19 crash ride g. Up for your consideration is this 19 Abex by Tosco. Which is by Sabian made in Canada? This cymbal weighs in at g and is quite versatile. Great stick definition when ridden but this thing can really open up. Kinda like a bright gong tone. Long decay! The more you experiment the more voices you'll discover. Truly a wonderful cymbal. I know I will regret letting this cymbal go, but I have an old ludwig kit that needs parts. Shipping within the lower 48 states is included in the price.

Thank you for stopping by and have a good one. Great shape. Logos were polished off. Dings, dents or keyholes. Normal fingerprints. Vintage no longer made. Cymbals are in fantastic vintage lightly played condition. These cymbals were hand hammered. Having a unique individually crafted, complex tone, with darker vintage tonal vibes sound. Creating a very rich, dark crisp cut for any style music you may play upon them.

These hats have been stored away safely for years in a poly cymbal bag inside a cymbals safe case. These photos clearly show them being in fantastic condition. All items described accurately to best of knowledge. If you've any further questions still, please ask first. Questions answered as quickly as can before you place your bid. Also see my other ebay auctions listed for more great stuff! Cymbal will be packed well. With great care taken to help ensure it reaches you safely.

Shipping fees will also include being insured as well. Sabian Vintage Flat Ride This is a great sounding heavy cymbal. Weighing in at grams. The stick definition is bright and has a lot of presence. Has a lot of patina which we have chosen to leave as is- the buyer can shine it up if they want. It's a fairly bright cymbal as is and I think if the patina were taken off it would be very bright- which would be great for heavy rock if you need a cymbal that will cut through a mix, but I think it'll do a pretty good job already.

No international shipping. Please don't ask. KS Drum Specialists since ! Sabian 20 inch 51cm Chinese cymbal, probably early 's vintage. This is a Sabian 20 inch 51cm Chinese cymbal. Probably early 's vintage. No"key holing" No cracks etc. It could be cleaned but I know some people prefer the sound of"dirty" cymbals. Whereas others prefer"clean" so I will leave it to the buyer to decide whether to clean it or not.

The item is too big to post so buyer collection preferred. Or courier. Courier, including insurance, and any customs fees, at buyer's expense. If any detail not given here is important please contact me prior to bidding. Payment by cheque. Postal order, or cash in-person on collection is preferred please, otherwise use Paypal.

Cheques etc will need time to clear before I release the item. Before leaving feedback. I will leave feedback once I have received feedback from the buyer as it lets me know the transaction is complete. Good luck with bidding. Vintage 80's Sabian 16" china cymbal. Sold as is as pictured. Questions welcomed. Vintage 80's Sabian 14" Sizzle Hats - hi hat cymbals. Vintage 80's Sabian sizzle hats- 14" hi hat cymbals.

No rivets. No defects. In excellent condition. Ask questions. This is a set of vintage Sabian Hi Hat 14" cymbals marked Canada. The markings are very faintly etched in the surface. They are in used condition with some scratches and spotting. Condition: This cymbal looks very good! There are some stick marks on the top.

And a few small scratches but for the most part it looks great. The edges are smooth, and there are no cracks. There is a very small spot of discoloration near the center hole, and it looks like it might be starting to keyhole ever so slightly. Everything pictured is ready to be professionally packed and shipped. Stock B NK. All items shipped are fully insured. There will be no exceptions! If the shipping price seems a little higher Please call during business hours.

Colorado residents must pay 4. Alaska and Hawaii require extra shipping fees. Please contact us for a shipping quote before the auction ends. We will ship out your item as fast as possible. However, due to business volume most orders ship within 2 business days of receiving payment. To save on shipping, items may be picked up at our store but Colorado sales tax will apply. Sabian B8 14" 35cm Hi-Hat Cymbals. Good condition. Some scuffs and scratches, but no major cracks, dings, or damage that I noticed.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please check out our other auctions. International Buyers— Please Note: Import duties. Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying.

Customs fees are normally charged by the shipping company or collected when you pick the item up. These fees are not additional shipping charges. We won't under-value merchandise or mark the item as a gift on customs forms. Doing that is against U. Crisp stick definition. Cutting bell, and bright tonal response create a versatile ride. In decent used condition. Free of any keyholeing or damage. Solid tones to this cymbal. The lettering on the top of the cymbal has worn-off making it hard to distinguish what model number this cymbal really is.

Shipping available to most international locations. As pictured one set of Sabian 14" hi hat cymbals top and bottom in good used condition. Ships same day with tracking. Purchase two or more items from my store and the shipping is free. Thanks for reading! As pictured one Sabian 20" ride cymbal in good used condition. Camber 12" Splash cymbal in Excellent shape. No wear to speak of. A spot on the back that looks like it had a sticker on it. The previous owner shined it up nicely.

In great shape with no breaks or cracks. Just 30 dollars and free shipping anywhere in the lower USA. Great splash cymbal for a good price. Has that"splashy" tone you need. Paypal works. This auction is for the cymbal you see pictured only. There is nothing else included. Pictures are of actual item. The cymbal shows normal play use with some scuffs and stick marks. Take a moment to look at the pictures to get a better idea of the condition and what you are bidding on.

There are no cracks or breaks in this drum cymbal. Comes as pictured. Please take a moment to look at my other great auctions. Thanks ccloan CA Residents are required to pay sales tax of 8. The shipping charge is fixed and non negotiable. The shipping cost cover the materials as well as postage to ship the item.

We try our best to keep our rates very reasonable. We do not ship to Alaska. We are located in Sacramento. Please keep this in mind when bidding on and item so you can have an idea of how long it will take for an item to arrive. Ebay Estimates are not always accurate. UPS Does not ship on the weekends. We do combined shipping! Please email me prior to paying on your items and I will send you a combined invoice.

Please make payment within one week of the auction. If you do not pay for the item within one week from the auction end we reserve the right to open a non paying bidder claim. We do our best to ship all items within 24 hours of payment. Tracking will be uploaded to ebay so they can forward that information to you. Hours of Operation are from 11 to 5pm Monday- Friday. We are. Tight combination of chinese and splash.

The sound is'kang' Free Shipping! If you win an auction and receive an invoice. We expect prompt payment. If you are unable to pay within 24 hours of receipt of our invoice. Please contact us and let us know your intentions. Failure to pay or contact us within 24 hours of being invoiced may result in the item being offered to another bidder or relisted. Please contact us immediately. We are very understanding and will not punish you with negative feedback for cancelling an order as long as you talk to us.

And do it quickly! When an order is cancelled we will issue a Mutual Agreement through eBay which ends the transaction. You must respond to the Mutual Agreement Message that you receive from eBay in order to end the transaction and be relieved of your contractual obligation to complete the purchase.

Email: We prefer that all correspondence be done through the eBay message system. If you must email us directly. Please include the item number in the subject of the email, otherwise it will likely be buried in spam and go unnoticed. Postal Service. No chips. No cracks. No splits. No key-holing. Light tape marks on top and bottom side.

Great powerful rock ride sound. Bell projects extremely well. Please see the photos for more details. Thank You! Gordon LaSalle Music There are normal signs of minor use. Some light scratches, and some discoloration in places, but overall looks pretty good. The center hole on the top hat looks pretty good.

Free Domestic Shipping! Just needs a little cleaning, look like new again. Call if you have any questions. Sorry no pic. Good Used Condition. Great sounding Sabian 20" heavy ride cymbal. No cracks or damage. It's just ugly to look at. I cleaned it the best I could. This has a sound that is crisp like a Paiste and also has the full deep resonance of a Zildjian.

And it rings for a long time! If I were still playing gigs I would add this to my kit in a heartbeat. Any fuzzy material in the pictures is just carpet fibers that got on the cymbal while shooting pictures. Shipping weight will be about 6 pounds. We only charge actual postage fees. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason just contact us and we will make things right.

InkFrog Analytics. This is a used Sabian 16 inch 41cm crash cymbal. It was made in Canada. This cymbal weighs 2lbs. It's covered in natural patina and years of fingerprints but NO dents. Dings, cracks or any physical damage. It sounds great for a budget cymbal but I've changed my cymbal setup entirely and no longer need it. Free shipping to the lower 48 United States only. The cymbal shows normal play wear with some scuffs. Scratches and tarnishing but has a large crack in it. I have circled this in red for you to see.

Comes just as pictured. Look at the pictures to get a better idea of the condition and what you are bidding on. I am selling it as is. Thanks ccloan CA Residents are required Shipping quote is for the continental domestic shipping. We do our best to ship all items within 24 hours of paym. Scratches and tarnishing.

The print writing has since faded away. The AA can still be seen the X was pretty faded then gone over with a black pen at some point. If you catch the light just right you can sort of make out the work crash, not sure what type of crash cymbal it is, it seems almost identical to the other one I have up but does not have the crack that it does.

The center hole shows play wear with some edge wear. Look at the pictures to get a better idea of the condition and what Gorgeous, No Reserve! Hear it here. Killer example. Gorgeous condition- slight keyhole- deep lathe line- nice handwork in shaping and hammering. Lots of click. Darker with nice low pitch, very balanced- super clean overtones with no weird harmonics, excellent bell. This one is absolutely stellar and is one of the best rides I've ever owned.

Use it for Jazz, Rock, Singer Songwriter, whatever. See my feedback! Buyer to pay shipping and handling. All sales are final so please ask questions prior to bidding. Best of luck to all and happy ebaying! This auction is for a nice 18" Camber C crash ride made in Canada. There are some light marks. But aside from that in NICE shape with no cracks or keyholes. If I missed something let me know and feel free to ask questions.

I am selling this- as is. And without a return policy- Feel free to ask questions before auctions end. Cymbal is in wonderful condition! Cracks, keyholing, and the perimeter is SOOO smooth! Up For Auction: 20" ride cymbal. Believed to be manufactured in the early 's by"Zilco by Azco" This cymbal is great for jazz.

It carries a lot of obvious, but pleasant overtones, and is very dark and very mellow. Cymbal sounds great, and comes AS IS. It has a small dent on the edge as seen in photos I've upgraded to another cymbal by Zildjian and no longer have a need for this cymbal. Only ships to US. Thanks for checking it out, and happy bidding! Condition: This cymbal is in excellent condition.

There are some light stick marks on the top from normal use. Both sides have light scratches and discolorations. But nothing severe. The bottom has some residue in one spot, presumably from a sticker at one point. The edges have some nicks in a few spots, but no cracks.

The center hole looks great; no cracking or keyholing. If the It resembles a vintage mini-cup ride. And offers the enhanced stick definition of a flat ride with the crashability and volume of a conventional ride.

As it appears that the cymbal was lightly used. The center hole is nearly perfect and the edge is pretty smooth, with no issues even approaching a"fleabite. Expect stick marks. Fingerprints, light scratches, logo fade, patina, and that's it. But we'll ship this cymbal anywhere in the world. Email us, including your city, country, and post code, for a quote to your location. See and hear this cymbal in our Video Vault TM We offer a huge selection of the best brands. Unlike many eBay sellers, we are an authorized dealer of every brand we sell.

We sell at the lowest prices allowed by the manufacturers. We will match the prices of other authorized dealers. Contact the big guys and see who answers. We are a real drum shop staffed by real drummers. We love to talk drums. Cymbals, and hardware by phone or email. If you've shopped with us before. Let us know and you'll receive a free gift with your order! We use USPS and all major courier companies.

Tracking numbers provided whenever possible. Shipping offer applies to 48 states of mainland USA. Please note that some manufacturers do not allow international shipping. This item is a used 16"41 cm crash cymbal labeled. It sounds. Strange but. Shipping is free on this item. Qualified Buyer. Then will ship to a confirmed address and verified buyer. Overall its in very good condition and weighs grams. There are no dings or cracks in the metal, it just needs a good cleaning and will look as good as new.

Please feel free to ask any questions and thank you for looking. Up for auction is a Vintage Sabian 20" light ride cymbal. Cymbal is used but in excellent physical shape. No dents, no cracks, no keyholing. Ideal replacement that is ready to be played. Look at all pictures for condition. Made In Canada! Open to International Bidders! This No Reserve auction.

This lightweight but sturdy steel unit can be placed on top of a counter or on the floor. This metal rack measures 25" long x 12" wide x 12" tall and has four compartments. Each compartment will hold at least twenty five cymbals.

The entire assembly is quality constructed and it is well made. There is a decal on the rack that states that this item was made in Canada. Shipping and Handling to Domestic U. International bidders will need to supply me with a proper mailing adress for a more accurate shipping rate quote.

We want this to be a pleasant buying experience. If you are not happy with your purchase. Please contact us. We will ship to your PayPal confirmed address. Shipping includes tracking and delivery confirmation. We do combine shipping for multiple purchases. Please contact us prior to bidding.

Sabian B8 10" splash cymbal in very good condition. Very light use. No cracks or dents, other than some surface scratches and tarnishing it's in great condition. Look closely at the images for condition. Shipping cost to Continental US only. Thanks for looking. There's some stick marks on the topside of the top hat. As well as some light scratches and minor discoloration throughout, but nothing beyond what you'd see from normal use.

The edges on both are smooth, maybe a few very minor dings on the top hat, but no cracks in either. The center holes on both look good as well. Stock NK CN. If the shipping price seems a little higher than others, it is because the insurance price is already combined with the actual shipping cost. There's some light scratches and discoloration throughout. As well as some stick marks on the top. There's a few very small dings along the edges, but for the most part they're smooth. The center hole is not keyholing, but there is one very thin crack see pic Everything pictured is ready to be professionally packed and shipped.

There's some normal signs of use throughout: some stick marks on the top. Light scratches on both sides, as well as some discoloration here and there, but nothing too severe. The edges are smooth; no cracks. The center hole is smooth and looks good as well- no keyholing.

If the shipping price seems a little There's some light scratches and scuffs throughout. As well as a few stick marks on the top, but nothing beyond what you'd expect from normal use. There's also some discoloration from handling, but nothing that keeps this cymbal from sounding good.

The edges are smooth; no cracks, and the center hole looks good as well. The cymbal weighs g. I believe the cymbal to be from the 60s. See the stamp in picture 4. This cymbal is in good condition as far as there are no cracks or dents. There is some wear around the center hole. It has the normal fingerprints and stick marks as any used cymbal would have.

There is some tape and some residue on the top of the cymbal. I made no attempt to clean the cymbal. It should clean up very nicely. I did my best to describe this item. Please keep in mind it is vintage and is sold as is. I will do my best to answer in a timely fashion. It may not be here when you come back to look again. I will ship to the lower 48 states only. Most of the time I am only able to to drop at shipper on Wednesday and Saturday but there are occasional exceptions.

Please keep this in mind when making payment and understand that it may be a couple of days until I can get to FedEx. I will get your item shipped within 5 business days. I will ship your item as soon as I can and I do e-mail tracking information when the item has been shipped. This item is also available for local pick up at no cost to the buyer.

Payment: Payment is expected within 3 days of auction close unless other arrangements are made prior to bidding.


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