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The best Polymail alternatives are Thunderbird, Gmail and Microsoft Office 50 apps similar to Polymail for Windows, Mac, Linux, Online / Web-based and more. Theming · Firebrick · Freedom · Skyfall · Inbox · Polymail · Examples · Installing · TODO. We don't recommend Polymail for most people, but if you're looking for a powerful team email client that integrates with Salesforce and Slack. TEAMVIEWER FULL CONTROL Приобрести Подробнее 815,00. Приобрести Подробнее 1. Веб магазин косметики, тестера косметики, пробники 304-35-75 Товаров в корзине: 0 На сумму: 00,00 грн. Приобрести Подробнее 815,00. Приобрести Подробнее 600,00.

We're willing to take the expenses for these 40 hours on ourselves; you essentially get a five-day trial. I don't want to bug you, but I sense a good fit here and don't want your inbox to come in between :. Typically when I haven't heard back from someone it means they're either really busy or aren't interested. If you aren't interested, do I have your permission to close your file? Or you can brief us about your Testing challenges over email.

Looking forward towards your response. For that reason, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself as a resource for you and your team. When the timing is right, I'm happy to meet or set up a phone call to discuss running a Proof of Concept for you. We've been the leader in the QA space for the last 9 years now, and have helped over startups test their digital properties more effectively, helping them go to market faster with more reliable apps. Please let me know if you are interested in meeting.

I wanted to see if you'd be available to connect in the next few weeks. Increasing real-world feedback from professional testers to minimize issues found in production and improve digital experiences. Please suggest some times and dates that work best. I really wanted to get in touch to introduce myself and have a quick conversation about software development plans, projects and practices. Have you thought about the most effective ways of implementing QA testing?

Would you like to reduce the costs of testing and focus on new features? Using our pre-developed accelerators, we can launch automated testing in just a few days. With test frameworks and scripts at the core, our test automation solutions are immune to any modification in the code. Did you know that involving QA specialists early in the development lifecycle helps minimize future maintenance costs? Winning a huge user base comes with a variety of devices, screens, operating systems and more.

We do this by taking care of their software development needs Mobile, Cloud, Web and doing an excellent job at that. I can imagine your inbox gets filled up pretty quickly so I am just moving this up. Did you get a chance to take a look at what I sent over the other day?

Accelerate your timelines to develop any existing or new product that you may have in the pipeline. How about a brief call later this week or next? Say 15 minutes between 8amam PST? Let me know what day and time works best for you. I was hoping to introduce myself and my company Applause and see if it makes sense to have a conversation around QA and app testing at this time. How are you currently ensuring your app is intuitive and working as designed in the hands of real users?

Most customers who experience an issue will abandon or switch to a new product without letting you know. We can help make sure that bugs aren't impacting your customers while gathering feedback around the following areas:. I wanted to discuss how we can help you achieve that and deliver impactful development outcomes.

Do you have time next week or even next month for a short minute call to discuss this? Please let me know a good time and I will send over a calendar invite. I'm following up from my previous email to see if you have some time on Sept. He would like to meet with you to discuss some of the recent trends, in those areas. In the past few years, we helped five early stage start-ups disrupt their market, and grow their companies into unicorns.

I know you would have a really insightful meeting with him. Do you have time on any of those dates for a short meeting at your office? Please let me know and I will send over a calendar invite. I took a look at your site and overall I think content is good but the time is now to start creating EPIC content and Media coverage on sites like Huffington Post, Forbes to drive traffic.

We are a video content creation studio that brings you animated videos -- the powerful media used by start-up and corporate to tell they story. Also, we're happy to share reference videos and pricing details. I could be way off base here but would love to get on your calendar for a 10 minute phone call to see if we can provide a boost to your sales pipeline. If there's someone else I should be speaking with, I'd really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

When works for you in the next few days? I've been trying to get a hold of you for a few weeks now and was just wondering if you are even getting my emails. Our unique SDR strategies, massive digital footprint, proprietary technologies, and business model are proven to increase your pipeline and drive conversions significantly. I'd like to schedule a meeting with you or whoever manages operations regarding our sales development services.

Our unique technology and sales development strategies are proven to increase pipeline and supplement your current process. Just reaching out to see if you might be interested. We're currently offering a blueprint for sales and marketing: 90 day plan to setup your sales and marketing systems and processes. The goal-- to build the entire framework needed to give junior employees the structure they need to succeed, and automate your sales and marketing.

Our blueprints will increase your pipeline velocity and volume, shorten your sales cycles, provide more accurate forecasting, improve onboarding, and setup your sales and marketing teams to succeed. My team and I are able to put these programs together in as little as 90 days.

This ensures that you see the fastest time to revenue. No delays from junior employees, no change of priorities, we're entirely dedicated to launching a successful sales automation program. Our SaaS blueprint was the foundation that enabled them to scale. We started with an assessment to gather all relevant information, then we uncovered untapped market potential, created the messaging for sales and marketing, built the automated framework, and hit launch.

I'd love to setup a time to talk about how we can help your business take the next step. Are you available this week to talk? We can make compelling video content for you-- for sales, for engagement, and for conversions. Over the last 6 years we've created a lot of video.

Are you the right person to talk with? Or perhaps you can forward this email to the appropriate party if not Does your sales team find it challenging to connect with the right decision makers at the right accounts? I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to forward this along to any of your associates in Marketing or Sales that might find this of interest. When would be a convenient time for you? Nice to e-meet you! This is a great way to expand your network, connect you to the right people and do B2B sales in a very short period of time.

Let me know if you're interested in using this marketing strategy and growing your business. I will be happy to get on a brief call with you. After graduating Y Combinator, my founders created an easy way for B2B startups to build highly targeted lists of hundreds of leads with verified emails in minutes. Just tell our software who your ideal customer profile is, and our software sets appointments for you.

Are you free tomorrow at 2pm PST for a 15 minute chat? I've been listening to your interview at Nathan Latka's podcast The Top Entrepreneurs and your words are really inspiring for me. As I said in my previous email, I've been listening to The Top Entrepreneurs podcast and it's amazing. We have an edge in the fintech space so I thought we'd have much to discuss. Here's the problem: most fast growing fintech companies hire as many sales people as possible to solve for scale, missing a more efficient strategy - where we come in.

We're not a lead gen or appointment setting firm, but rather a revenue focused extension not a replacement of your sales team. We work at scale delivering strong ROI by handling the grunt work of prospecting, qualifying, networking, and outreach.

We then loop in your closers when the lead is hot, keeping their focus on directly generating revenue. Let me know if you want to chat or if there is someone else I should be speaking with. I wanted to describe a couple ways clients use us Following-up on my email from last week. I'd like to discuss how we can become a profit center for you, bringing significant bumps in revenue as an ROI positive outbound sales channel. As a reminder, we plug into your current sales machine, manage large pipelines, and make your closers more effective.

The goal here is to make your current team more profitable without adding overhead or excessive head count. I suspect like most executives you're swamped, so I'll cut to the chase. If your company needs more sales, you know what you really need is more qualified sales leads. That's what we guarantee our clients and why I'm reaching out. In 12 years and many hundreds of happy customers, we've become the go-to guys in the marketplace for guaranteed, qualified sales leads. Why such prominence?

Because we guarantee that you get a sellable opportunity, or you don't pay for the lead. We like to say that if you were selling Band-Aids, you would only want to talk to people who were bleeding. Well that's what we do. For every client. And we guarantee it. The way we do it is through a combination of digital, web and social outreach that connects our clients with only those companies and executives that need their products, or services.

In short, you direct us to your targeted companies and titles. We secure you appointments with 'people who are bleeding. What's more, we charge less per qualified sales appointment than any comparable service in the marketplace and we require no set-up fee, or multi-month contract. Let's briefly discuss. Just let me know when you have a few minutes for a phone call and I'll get something scheduled.

Talk soon. I hope this email finds you well - Is there any chance you got a few minutes to chat mid August? Won't it make writing an email easier and more responsive? Some such info are:. Note: This follow up happened after we launched our Teams feature for Polymail. This was some relevant, well research outreach. Congrats on the launch of Polymail Teams! We see very interesting usage statistics and are excited about the future!

Could you spare some time next week for a quick feedback call? Please let me know. We've actually closed the gap between the DIY space too time consuming and the enterprise space too expensive for what you get. We'd love the opportunity to walk you through our BI dashboard solution.

It'd only take minutes. Feel free to book a time by clicking on the link below:. Did you have a chance to look over my email from the other day? I hope this email finds you well. We are a content optimization company which focuses on optimizing the language regardless of any nuances.

We're launching an optimization API for English with grammar correction, synonyms and spelling suggestions, and style guide. Let me know what works on your end. I'm open this week and look forward to speaking with you. There has been a major change in the law that now allows early stage companies to take advantage of this significant incentive that historically has only gone to the big guys. Below is a link to a short video that provides an overview. Do you have availability for a short call to discuss the details?

I've attached some additional information for you to look over. We offer a technology enabled service that was designed for busy people. We take up a small amount of your time and offer the lowest rate in the market. Our fee is a success fee. Do you have time for a short call to discuss the details? We provide rich health benefit plans, payroll, and HR consultants in a streamlined platform and our clients rave about us. I have been camping near my e-mailbox waiting for your response.

Makes me think you never wrote it :. However, if the information I sent have you convinced, let's have that 15 minutes call to further explore this. Best of all, we do it on demand, as few or as many hours as you need, with no burdensome resource planning or lengthy negotiation to scale up or down, no minimum, no maximum, just there when you need.

Let's talk when you have a moment, and get all your needs covered with better terms, pricing, and flexibility than you would ever get otherwise. I sent you an email earlier to introduce myself. Our team helps companies just like yours scale resources with the expertise in finance, accounting, strategic planning, investors relations, and infrastructure building and a lot more.

We know how risky, burdensome and costly hiring and individual can be, especially at certain stages of company development. To show you how serious we are about helping our clients, we are offering a first-month-free special, so that you could assess our service at no risk, and our assessments and initial consulting are always free of course.

Our team can do anything you ask better, faster, cheaper than you would ever get this done otherwise. Let me know when we can talk about adding value to your business. We got in touch recently, but I never heard back. Our team would love to help your team. We can do anything you need, better, faster, cheaper than you would ever get this done otherwise.

Let me know, when you have time for a quick call so that I could tell you more about the startup-special perks we offer. We are revolutionizing the way people eat, think about, and experience food at the workplace. You will be able not only to select the size and categories of content for your box, but also have access to more than 2, Nutritionist Doctor-curated mouth-watering products which consistently rotate!

Not ready to commit? No worries! Tip No. Do you close your books every month? How accurate is your data? Do you have accurate forecasts letting you know what your business will be like in 6 months or a year from now? We begin with a free minute consultation to review your business goals, priorities, and current processes.

Additionally, we work with almost every major VC firm in the Valley and have relationships with over law firms. Please let me know a time that works well for you to connect. What's the best way to get 10 minutes on your calendar next week? I'm confident we can add tremendous value to your company. We have observed that a number of companies significantly overspend on their cloud infra.

As an initial step, we can perform an audit to monitor the health of your cloud infrastructure and identify areas of improvement. How does your calendar look for a quick call? If you too are looking to cut your cloud cost we would be happy to do a quick call sometime in this week or early next.

Great things lie ahead. I'd love to set up a meeting or phone call with you and my engineer here soon, so let me know when you are available. Hope your year is off to a great start. This lets you not only access their microservices and APIs, but it also introduces a new way balancing your cloud deployment. If not, just let me know and I'd be happy circle back at a later date. Let's spy on your competition together, feel free to Schedule a demo or reply back to me to set up a time to chat.

Hope you had a nice weekend. To give you some context, we partner with a handful of high potential brands each quarter and provide top level digital marketing strategy development, implementation, and optimization. We also provide access to internal data, consumer insights, best practices in the industry, and analytics support. I'd be happy to block off some time to connect with you and your team to determine if this would be a good fit for both sides and take a deeper dive into what a partnership would look like.

Are you available next Monday or Tuesday for a quick call? I attached a screenshot of our solution for context. If there's no value to be provided after our call; happy to part ways. We analyze customer feedback surveys and quickly provide deep insights. We're already working with 11 customers, incl. The default theme. One of my fav :. But if you are looking for an Inbox inspired theme you should definitely try agapanthus. Skip to content. Star This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.

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Master your inbox with powerful productivity tools that make it easy to reach inbox zero every day. See what happens after you hit send. Get detailed insights into how and when people read your emails. Polymail combines collaboration and email in one place, helping teams remove friction, stay organized, and make better decisions, faster.

Connect information to the tools your team use by sharing directly to apps like Slack and Salesforce. It's enhanced our communication as a team and made our sales process more effective. Polymail automates repetitive, manual tasks like email follow-up and scheduling meetings so your team can focus on the work that matters most. Download Polymail! Get Polymail for iOS or Mac to get started! Save time and work more efficiently with tools for everyday email productivity like email tracking, contact profiles, and follow up reminders.

Let Polymail do your busywork with automated email outreach, meeting scheduling, and more. Spend less time on repetitive manual tasks and more time on high-value work. Say goodbye to email clutter and hello to organized communication. Polymail allows you to share your conversations anywhere and get the proper context you need. Unlock your conversations from your inbox and share them directly to your team's tools like Slack and Asana.

It's helped us work more collaboratively and efficiently through email. Download Polymail! Get Polymail for iOS or Mac to get started! Download for iOS Download for Mac. Send a message with Polymail to claim your gift!

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