Cisco ssc software installation and configuration

cisco ssc software installation and configuration

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Cisco ssc software installation and configuration teamviewer linux 9


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The SSC 5. After SSC 5. Note The installation error occurs because the SSC 5. This prevents backwards compatibility and the normal SSC upgrade procedure, which does not require an explicit uninstall-reboot and install-reboot sequence. If the SSC 5. After the SSC 5. SSC releases earlier than 4. Also, the SSC 5. Note For some configurations, it might be easier and faster to create a new destination package file using the SSC management utility. Note The ConfigCombiner.

The administrator also must have the current SSC 4. In order to deploy an SSC 5. Use the combining tool ConfigCombiner. The output of this operation produces a file called configuration. The file is located in the folder where the tool was executed. Note SSC 4. Use the conversion tool ConfigConverter.

This is the same tool used with a different default xslt file to translate the end user created networks on end user systems. The output of this operation is an SSC 5. You can now use the management utility to perform these operations:. Run the sscPackageGen tool to bundle the signed configuration. When SSC 5. There is nothing that you, the administrator, or the end user need to do. The results of the upgrade are as follows:. The conversion tool places the contents of multiple SSC 4. It is the responsibility of the end user to later go through the list of available networks using the GUI and delete any networks they do not want.

This is because the SSC 5. This means that a user network from SSC 4. This is done to help avoid confusion. However, any If the end user SSC file uses a client-certificate-based EAP method, the client certificate used to supply the user's credentials must be independently deployed and placed in the proper Windows Certificate Store User-Personal Store. A previous version of SSC 5.

After the administrator has successfully deployed SSC on the user's PC, it might become necessary from time to time to modify the deployed connection settings or policies due to an infrastructure improvement, new security policies, and so on. The administrator can modify these settings and profiles by generating an updated configuration.

The administrator only needs to deploy the configuration. The revised configuration. Before we begin, enter Global Configuration Mode by executing the following command:. Completing simple tasks like configuring passwords and creating network access lists controls who can access the switch can enable you to stay secure online. Incomplete or incorrect configurations are a vulnerability that attackers can exploit. Configuring a Cisco switch is only half the battle, you also have to regularly monitor its status.

Any performance issues with your switch can have a substantial impact on your users. Using a network monitoring tool and network analyzer can help you to monitor switches remotely and review performance concerns.

Taking the time out of your day to configure a switch and assign strong passwords gives you peace of mind so that you can communicate safely online. Follow these steps for a workaround:. The typical Cisco switch is ready to go out-of-the-box. However, you might want to change some parameters to customize its operations. I have different field in IT and willing to learn Networking. I see that this tutorial help me alot. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Comparitech uses cookies. More info. Menu Close. We are reader supported and may receive a commission when you make purchases using the links on our site. Configuring a Cisco switch properly means your network can make connections efficiently. In this step-by-step guide, we walk you through configuring Cisco switches and look at some FAQs. Tim Keary Network administration expert. Go to the Connection type settings and check the Serial option shown below.

Go to the Category list section on the left-hand side and select the Serial option. When the options controlling local serial lines page displays enter the COM port your network is connected to in the Serial line to connect to box e. Next, enter the digital transmission speed of your switch model. For and Series Managed Switches, this is Go to the Data bits field and enter 8. Now go to the Stops bits field and enter 1. Click on the Parity drop-down menu and select the None option.

Go to the Flow Control drop-down menu and select the None option. Go to the Saved Session field and enter a name for your settings e. Click the Save button to store the settings. Press the Open button at the bottom of the page to launch the CLI. Enter the following command to assign a hostname: Switch config hostname access-switch1 access-switch1 config 1 3.

You can do this by entering the following command: access-switch1 config interface vlan 1 access-switch1 config-if ip address Assign a Default Gateway to the Switch At this stage, you want to assign a default gateway to the switch. Disable Unused Open Ports As a best practice, it is a good idea to disable any unused open ports on the switch. To save enter the following command: access-switch1 config exit access-switch1 wr Always remember to save any changes to your settings before closing the CLI.

Before we begin, enter Global Configuration Mode by executing the following command: Switch configure terminal Create a flow record The first step is to create a flow record you can change the name.

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