Getmail firefox 3

getmail firefox 3

Thunderbird — created by Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox Shoot us an email to [email protected] or tweet us @getmailbird. Can it really be that Firefox provides no way from within the browser to directly access email in Thunderbird? I the past I have had to add a "Get. Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source cross-platform email client, Thunderbird also uses Mork and (since version 3) MozStorage (which is based on. LINUX TERMINAL SERVER VNC Веб магазин косметики, 400 грн Время 304-35-75 Товаров в корзине: 0 На сумму: 00,00 грн. Приобрести Подробнее 815,00. Приобрести Подробнее 1.

In which case the 'Zen' mail account name will not display in the Folder Pane and all emails will be in the 'Local Folders' mail account. If you want the 'Zen' account to appear in the Folder Pane as a separate mail account with it's own st of folders, let me know and I'll provide information to change it.

How to tell if pop or imap:. The only reason I'm looking to separate them is to make it easier to check they are actually working, because of the lack of message at the bottom of the screen saying if they get checked or not. I know I can simply send messages to each and check they arrive, but thought this might be easier If 'Normal Password' then gmail may have deliberately blocked your access. They do this occasionally for anyone not using OAuth2. You have a choice. Either change 'Authentication Method' to 'OAuth2', you would also need to change this for the gmail outgoing server smtp setting as well.

Click on OK Restart Thunderbird then you will get prompted to confirm your email address and password by gmail. A token is then stored in your passwords file and in future that token is used instead of the password. OR keep using 'Normal Password' In which case you need to logon to your gmail webmail account and choose to use what gmail call the 'less secure apps' option.

See info:. You can use 'Activity Manager' to see what is going on. It will state if there was an attempt to check for new messages, whether any were downloaded or when messages are moved or deleted etc and also give the time it occured. I'd totally forgotten about the Menu thing and stuff in it - nothing stays in my brain many days nowadays Activity Manager is good.

I'm not sure what problem you were solving with GMail - I don't think I've got one, so let's leave it like that! At the moment, while I've been fiddling around sending message to all of my email addresses, the field "From" seems to fill itself randomly with one or other of my email addresses.

I think I found the setting to make this a default From address, but can't find it any more. Does it exist and, if so, where? The account name shown at the top of the Folder Pane and also in Account Settings window is the default mail account. When you select an account and then click on Write, it will use the email address of the account you were viewing. If for some reason Thunderbird cannot detect the mail account then it will use the default one.

To stop using a Global Inbox on an account and create the mail account visible in the Folder Pane with it's own folders Select: Junk Settings Make sure it is using the junk on mail account not 'Local Folders' See third image below as guide.

Search Support Search. Home Support Forums Thunderbird accounts, folders and get mail. This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. One of my inboxes does not receive emails in the inbox all of a sudden. Rest of the accounts set up work fine. I have set up Thunderbird in a way if I get an email there it automatically sends it to my Yahoo account as well.

I got the messages on Yahoo not on Thunderbird. This worked 2 years just fine, all of a sudden can t get messages in the Thunderbird Inbox new ones. No error message nothing. Rest of the accounts are working in Thunderbird Inbox and all. Please give the exact details of " set up Thunderbird in a way if I get an email there it automatically sends it to my Yahoo account as well".

Solved: Checked CPanel from provider apparently I did not delete emails for a while, reached my limit on the inbox so I increased the limit and deleted old emails.

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If one takes reasonable care of where one is going, cyberspace is a safe enough place with any browser, safer than the Ventura-San Diego Freeway interchange at PM on a Thursday is! I prefer Firefox because it is simple, clean, quick and has some nice options that I can add easily. Actaully Opera is no longer the fastest, actually it never was, there were a few browsers faster. Firefox 3 holds the crown for the fastest if only comparing Opera, Firefox, and Internet Exploder.

Well-informed opinions are a little more convincing than poorly-informed ones. This article is slightly disingenuous in keeping with some of the more objective comments posted above. You can drag and drop links to it, edit them, etc. Very easy to use. I always thought it was pretty intuitive. As far as getting links into Word and the like in an easy fashion, have you tried simply dragging and dropping the URL from the bar?

Click and drag the icon in the URL bar to a document. To me, that seems like fewer clicks than the method you described! But I might not be understanding what you mean. The learning curve on any new software is always there, even if it varies in steepness. Try actually learning about the features and possibilities of the software before you say that it is not capable of doing what you want it to do.

Maybe you did not document your work to actually learn about the functioning of the program? I am surprised getting FF to open url emailto links takes 2 hours! If OE support is a major killer for you, and can be found in a few minutes of Google use, is the situation truly so dire?

As mentioned by a few others, MS has actively attempted to BREAK interoperability with 3rd party apps and I am happy that plugin and add-on writers manage to remedy that. I find that FF is less prone to cruft and issues than IE7. I use both because I do web design and need to check browser behavior. I have had far more security issues with IE7 carpet-bomb installs, etc and have had more lock-up issues with IE. Just my experience, though! I read the article and the the replies, and have to say I am a little confused.

I tried FireFox on my computer, and while it did appear to be slightly faster, it caused a bad set of interactions with my Omni Pass software for web site passwords. I gave up un-installed the software and will now try Safari or Opera, and see if they might give me a better outcome. I used Outlook Express for years for mail, it had a small footprint, but this year upgraded to Outlook so that I can use it for both my ISP email account, and my Hotmail account.

It works for me, probably not for everyone, but I say to each his email accounts that work for them! Of course you can check hotmail, yahoo, gmail and just about any mail using thunderbird. Here is just one way to do it, there are many others.

I love Firefox and would never go back to IE again after using Firefox. Most of my email addresses are hotmail and webtv which stupid hotmail took over. To download them, I have to use Outlook Express. If anyone knows how to fix that, I would dump OE in a heartbeat! Hey thx for your report but I got to say you got me to download Firefox. Who cares about Outlook I dont, dont use it and uploading a word file come on lol.

Seriousely tab browsing a con?? No ofense to the author but your whole articles just shows how stuck you are on old and outdated technology. No tab browsing?!?!?!!?!?!? Thank you for such an objective review of Firefox. I joined Firefox a few years ago and have never looked back. IE might be solid but so slow to make changes. I love the fact that i can get firefox to look like i want, to have plugins that i want.. I will never go back.. I think most will agree that most viruses are written to attack through IE and OE.

I refuse to use either of them. About 3 or 4 years ago, I switched to Firefox. I can honestly say that have never gotten a virus since I switched to Firefox. I find Firefox to be very stable, fast and easy to use. IE sucks and so does Microlimp!!!! Otherwise, firefox is my default browser. Well at least there is one person of know of that still uses IE. Less trouble with viruses and spyware than IE. Mozilla rocks. Maybe one day they may bring out an operating system.

Bound to be far superior than anything Microsoft can produce. Just think about this. I said you use what Microsoft has forced on people, and that you have been using it for so long that anything else feels alien to you.

While they certainly never get any use on my main desktop or laptop, there is almost always one computer with the latest Microsoft Operating system in my house. I can almost guarantee that I give them a much more exhaustive work out and do much more research in getting familiar with them then you give other operating systems and software. No need for extra plug-ins.

Callum, I do use Gmail. I use it everyday. I also use Outlook Express. I like Outlook Express. Also there are lots of people, prefessional and otherwise that use MS products. There are more people who have never used Firefox or dislike it than use it.

Fortunately those sites are numbered and reducing. Why make the average user who can do everything they need to do on an XP machine suddenly upgrade to this bloated vista? My customers are more than happy with xp and some are starting to be concerned that soon they will have no choice. So keep it up microsoft, drive all your loyal customers away and the open source world will benefit. I agree with the issues on the downloads I save most things to my extra hard-drive and then run them to install there.

The pros do look good and I have also found that Firefox is faster, but we are used to the ability of controlling where to put things, etc. Try using thunderbird, or gmail for a fairer comparison. As for your con list, I think every one of them could be solved with a plug-in. And since when is tabbed browsing a con? While FF3 works fine with my laptop FF2 kept uninstalling itself and graphics were horrible looking with it , I have yet to find any of the so-called wonderful extras all that wonderful and a pain in the neck to use.

They jibe precisely with my own experience. I used Firefox version 2. I recently downloaded 3. It appears the reason it allows you to log off after a crash and then log on again with the programs that were on line when you crashed, is more of a necessity than a nice option. Also, tabbed browsing as a con?

Not only that, but I doubt that Microsoft would let Mozilla integrate Outlook Express without paying a fee. Gimp is a free replacement of Photoshop. Ultimate Paint is a better replacement of Paint or Photoshop, depending on your viewpoint. Pidgin is a replacement of IM clients. The list goes on and on. I never intended this article to be a review of Firefox. This is clearly not a review. Yes, of course my opinion is biased. The whole article is about my bias and habits. Before Firefox I used Opera.

I still occasionally use Opera. Add Ons. Firefox has literally hundreds of Add-ons available to customize it to your hearts content. One of the better suggestions was from a FireFox user named Dave. He suggests that I should be driving a Grande Caravan. I love them. Nowhere in the article do I recommend that people should use IE. Comment from Bruce. I have installed and used Linix operating systems several times in the past and at one point kept a computer with Linux installed for about a year.

You, in fact, gave me help and at one point we determeined that at least some of the obsticles I encountered on my second time using Linux were due to the hardware I was using. Nvidia hardware specifically. I think I can say with certainty that being someone who has not only used but installed Linux Red Hat and Ubuntu several times to my own systems would put me into the minority of computer users. So to those of you who thought this was a review, I apologize. Too funny! I am very distressed to read such a biased and clearly unresearched article on PC Pitstop.

I have been a faithful reader of Pitstop articles now for over three years and have never seen this level of unprofessional writing — this article was clearly not up to Pitstop standards which distresses me to no end. All in all I feel that there was a great error on the part of the editors to approve of this article for publication.

Steve uses what Microsoft has given him, he has rarely if ever used other applications or operating systems, thus anything but their products feel alien to him. In the process of years of using old and outdated operating systems and applications he has become exactly what the type user Microsoft has worked hard to create and counts on. The reality Steve is like many users who buy OEM computers, they use what is forced on them, they use it for so many years that using anything else is just too much of a hassle.

Thus the syware, malware, virus folks will continue to have a field day, and Microsoft will continue to hope and pray that enough people like this are still out there to support them. Thank you for making up my mind for me. I used to run Fire Fox but it annoyed me when it would only download to a specific file sometimes.

Other times it reverted to default. So I uninstalled it. Wow, I found that it had taken over my entire system and it was a hell of a job to put things right. I still have icons that are not showing correctly. I was debating giving FF3 a go, but not now. You have solved a big problem for me. Why are you sitting there looking at the thermometer? I fail to understand the need to receive email in the browser or even why anyone would want to, or how that would even work.

I think this guys problem is he thinks he is too busy to learn how to do a few things, probably the result of being spoon fed by MS all these years. I have a laptop that I do not want to use outlook express or any other email program, I use a google mail account for it, and it took me a while to get Firefox to stop opening outlook express. I like the tab function, and found a great add-on called Cool Iris that works like a take a peek window, well it does more than that. Plus he could always open and IE tab if he really needs one, a nice after though I think, I mean just try opening a Firefox tab in IE, or importing your bookmarks.

No Firefox is far superior and the add-ons put it light years into the future over IE. I too use Outlook Express, but I use it in stand alone, have never used it in any browser. So I am some what confused , about not being able to use it from a browser, I use Ie, but never click my email from inside the browser. I am considereing trying Firefox myself now, simply because this has got my curiousity up.

I use Firefox for browsing and Outlook for Mail.. Are you too lazy to click the Outlook Icon?? How about a reviewer with a little integrity?? The run feature is stupid because you are still downloading the file just to a temp folder. Jumping into Firefox can be different instead of using it on your work computer I would suggest you try it at home and try out the vast extensions and my favorite the themes.

You can customize ever aspect of Firefox to your liking. Yes there is a transition stage between firefox and IE but once most people understand they can make the browser tailored to there exact liking they fall in love with FF. IE constantly hangs up.

Firefox does not. I only use IE for one site that is not Firefox compatible. I like Firefox allowing you to keep your bookmarks open to hit the 10 or 12 I use in the course of the day. With IE you have to keep clicking the star, which then goes away with some other action on the screen. Because of this, there is a learning curve as with any complicated device. As others have pointed out, there ARE ways to do all of things that you want to do, but just like IE it takes time to find them and learn to use them.

You learned it starting with a much earlier version and adding to your knowledge over a period of years. You cannot expect to learn and feel comfortable with ANY software. Try going from Word to WordPerfect sometime! A second browser allows you to at least get online to try and diagnose and fix, or reinstall the malfunctioning component s. I use FF the most, used to use Opera more, but changed a few years ago for a reason I no longer remember. I use IE only as a last resort.

Oh, one last thing, it is possible to make FF look and behave exactly like IE if for some reason you wanted to do that…. NOT a good review or reviewer. Second, it is clear that he did not use ff for the whole week, only for a while some days, not at all on others. So, how can he make a reasonable review? Besides, using ANY new software would require more than a week to learn and get a feel for it.

I have not had a crashing success with Thunderbird as it seems to be more complicated than my computer skills level or my time will allow to decipher. It really sounds like it is a matter of an old habit, a cherished comfort-zone which the author is loathe to abandon. I am always saddened when enlightened people refuse to move forward because of old habits. All the cons you mention are stupid. Looks like drunk talk… 4 OK, we have a winner.

Firefox is way better than IE on this. You like to be bothered about where to save every time you download something? Yet speed is terribly important if actually does much surfing. Security is also measurable. Extensibility add-ons are important if they provide key functionality. Not addressed. As this goof of a reviewer has wasted my time, I suppose I should quickly say what is bad about FF.

First, its protective features, especially as supplemented by add-ons such as NoScript, sometimes make it impossible to play certain multimedia files, particularly video. Second, sometimes the integrations with other programs require some configuration, which CAN be a pain. But this is very, very rare. In every other way, FF is so vastly superior, both in basic functioning and in its extensibility, that no rational person would prefer IE.

You like all those flash ads that constantly besiege you? There are add-ons to halt them. You want not to see all those adds? Easily done with add-ons. You want world times on your browser? No problem! To me Firefox is like cookies, it works quicker that IE7. For me IE is slow and sometimes unreliable.

Firefox is open sourced and has brilliant extensions out there to maximise your viewing pleasure, and to suit your needs, from Piclens to SaveSession, from DownloadHelper to Auto Shutdown. Have been using Firefox for several years, I think that it is much better than IE.

But the new version of IE is such a problem that we have just recently stopped using it with hotmail. No matter what setting we make for the Pop-up blocker on IE including allow all pop-ups , it always blocks pop-ups. This is a real pain when friends send us links to their pictures and we cannot access them because IE blocks the new window.

I have been testing my system at pcpitstop since somewhere around IE4. I switched to Firefox around v 1. I used to uninstal and reinstall OE every couple of weeks often losing mail and address book in the process. IE7 was slower than a dog in winter. IE8 beta is even slower. FF is quick and easy to use. And who the hell uses OE anymore? Wow… for once I disagree with you. I am a fan of your site but I have to so disagree with you on what you had to say about Firefox.

I run an accounting business out of my home for 8 years now and I never had a problem with Firefox and outlook. Firefox blows IE away for web developers. I love the following plugins: Firebug Javascript Debugger , JSview, MeasureIt measure items on screen , View Source Chart see the current html document even if changed by javascript , Web Developer, an Yslow analyze download speeds, file sizes etc. They taught us how to set it up, what plugins to use and how to use them, and I have a browser that does more than I ever dreamed a browser would do for me.

Before that month I was a die-hard IE user, but not after and never again. Maybe you should try some training on Firefox before trying to make it work for you in only a week by yourself? In a few hours of training videos Firefox became irreplaceable for me. This year, TDC is using Flock. Will likely try it out because of all the great social media it integrates, but most of it can be done in Firefox with the correct addons.

IE7 — nothing but trouble. Why are you so adverse to having two or more apps open at once? Google Docs also work great for free. No one I know buys the most basic machine new. This article makes me want to tear my hair out. Obviously the author, and PC Pitstop as an organization, have a vested interest in diminishing the steady increase in popularity and the overall superiority of Firefox.

Anyhoo, to sum up what the author says, Firefox 3 is a must, unless you need browser integration with Outlook Express, in which case, it is a bust. Great discussion — I too am a great fan of Firefox, been using for couple of years from version 1. At one stage had a problem viewing. Another great add-on is Download Helper — lets you download any video off the web e.

TouTube movies, etc. Another great feature — if any sort of crash and FF closes down with multi tabs open, when it restarts, asks if you want to resume and allows you to go back where you were — tabs and all. I guess it just comes down to preference, but FF gets my vote hands down.

Everyone has bad habits and Outlook Express is one of those in my opinion. Thunderbird is at least twice as good an email program as Outlook Express and you can run Firefox and Thunderbird at the same time thus achieving a quality internet experience. Furthermore, what would MS be doing to us if it were not for a few teeny competitors?

Without competition we might be paying to get IE, perhaps major updates to all of its software. Sorta like the good old days before Toyota and Honda showed up when we had a choice of Ford, GM and Chrysler — the three US companies were building total junk. Today it is still junky compared to Toyota and Honda. How long does it take GM to reverse engineer a Japanese car?

Answer: as long as it takes MS to produce an XP3 without major bugs. Any employee ever get fired by MS because software was buggy? Or is it such a company-wide thing so large that most of them would get busted. I do not want software that does everything — I want a core program for which I add what I want. I have downloaded firefox 4 times and deleted it as many times and I totally agree with you on everything you have stated.

I dont understand. What do you mean integrate OE into Firefox? I use XP professional version Outlook as my email client. In the past I used OE but always used it alone. I have been using Firefox for about a year now. But occasionally use IE. Would like to hear more about integrating Outlook into IE. Maybe its because you are inept. I had no trouble putting a picture into Word, just right click the picture, choose copy and simply paste into Word.

As for using Outlook Express…that says it all. Why would you want to read your emails from your browser anyway…why not simply open up the program itself…lame excuse and bone idle laziness. Has anyone ever told you that checking your emails directly from a browser is not exactly the safest thing to do…especially when that browser is IE. Do you know anything? I have been using FF for sometime now, in conjunction with Yahoo Mail. I do nt get virus attacks, or have any problems with system crashes.

FF is faster, more secure, easier to use and does all I need it to do. Ie is plagued with glitches that I cannot be bothered to work around. Ymail is secure,has excellent spam filters and allows me to attach word documents easily and efficiently. I am, in conclusion, happy with my setup, and would not move back to an ie based system. Is this a knock microsoft site? Why do FF users have to slander IE7 to make their point? All browsers have their good and bad points.

The perfect one has not yet been invented that can cope with the hundreds of different computer specs out there. So stop whinging and just make a choice that suits you. I used to love Firefox, but after 3. But Opera does allow me to mask or identify itself with a site as any of the browsers they ask for. However, Opera is my main browser. Its fast, meets all my needs, and is generally my home a lot more often than getting into software or games.

Something tells me you were paid to do a review. My roommate stopped using Outlook when he realised how easy it is to get a virus and other badware from it. And PCPitstop, update your Neptune pages. Neptune works again. And please, start supporting Firefox, Opera, any alternative browser. You are behind the times for that. I run Fire fox on both windows xp and ubuntu. Almost all my computers on my home network run both.

I have found that all of my boys and my wife prefer fire fox and ubuntu, over xp and IE. They all say XP takes to long to load and run. My wife rarely runs xp and ie anymore. I told them to try both and run the software they feel that ran the best. Ubuntu has a default browser of fire fox,and once set up runs great. To say fire fox is not browser of choise, in my opinion is wrong. How many people microsoft VS. Opensorce write software? Just my opinon, Bill Gates my hero, But not the only software that runs great.

Did you ditch FF due to Outlook Express? Two years ago, I was using Internet Explorer consistently and was infected thrice with malware. I reformatted my system twice and during the third time, some nice folks at the anti spyware forums suggested firefox. Of course, it has flaws.

Quote :Another horrific con-job of a web browser. Everything they claim it can do is so untrue. Plus it will not save websites of adult-nature. IE6 is here to stay! Quote End. FF is a con-job? What about opera or the other browsers out there? IE is the worst con job out there. The only reason they exist is because Windows is used by most people worldwide.

I use Firefox as my default browser. Is that your point? Firefox is nice but I hate it! LOL this has become the new hillariously skewed article of the week, thanks PC pitstop for your biased reviews that consider tabbed browsing as a con!

While I can agree with IE users on a few things, I really never use it anymore, pages do not display correctly and I love that when my computer decides to freeze up I can simply open Firefox and it resumes right where I left off. There is a checkbox that allows you to save files where you want rather than the default folder. Also outlook and outlook express being a microsoft program are plagued with the same problems as the operating systems that they feel a need to rush to the market before solving some basic security problems.

I personally run Outlook and at least three times a day it stops responding as does my IE. I would not take a review like this on any product seriously. Sure the pros and cons are listed at the end, but every day is filled with a seemingly stubborn negativity. Move on. How about all the amazing features that add security?

Look, I hate change, but I had no choice but to switch to Firefox the more I looked into it. For example. With Flashblock, you can set it up to display every Flash element as a box, which one must click on to run.

In this way you can choose every specific flash element you want to play. Ever been to a site with a video you want to watch, and had to wait while 5 video ads all over the place load and start to play? As the internet grows and changes, Firefox continues to focus on your right to privacy — we call it the Personal Data Promise : Take less.

Keep it safe. No secrets. Your data, your web activity, your life online is protected with Firefox. Download this browser extension to stop Facebook and Instagram from tracking you around the web. Firefox is available on all your devices; take your tabs, history and bookmarks with you. All you need is a Firefox account. Grab a high-resolution image of anything online with our screenshot tool built right in the browser.

Firefox automatically blocks many third party trackers from collecting and selling your web activity. From watching a web tutorial to keeping an eye on your favorite team, your video follows you while you multitask. Download Firefox Firefox Privacy Notice. Get Mozilla VPN. Firefox for Android Get the customizable mobile browser for Android smartphones. Firefox Focus Simply private mobile browsing.

Privacy Promise Learn how Firefox treats your data with respect. Firefox Blog Read about new Firefox features and ways to stay safe online. Release Notes Get the details on the latest Firefox updates. Facebook Container Help prevent Facebook from collecting your data outside their site.

Pocket Save and discover the best stories from across the web. Mozilla VPN Get protection beyond your browser, on all your devices. Product Promise Learn how each Firefox product protects and respects your data. Firefox Relay Sign up for new accounts without handing over your email address. Mozilla Foundation Meet the not-for-profit behind Firefox that stands for a better web.

Get involved Join the fight for a healthy internet. Careers Work for a mission-driven organization that makes people-first products. Mozilla Blog Learn about Mozilla and the issues that matter to us. Close Innovation menu Mozilla Hubs Gather in this interactive, online, multi-dimensional social space. Firefox Developer Edition Get the Firefox browser built just for developers. Common Voice Donate your voice so the future of the web can hear everyone. Download options and other languages.

Firefox Browser support. Latest Firefox features Picture-in-Picture Pop a video out of the browser window so you can stream and multitask. Choose your color Personalize your experience with new colorways. How Firefox compares to other browsers Get all the speed and tools with none of the invasions of privacy.

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