Cyberduck apple tv 2 icefilms

cyberduck apple tv 2 icefilms

This was my first look at the AppleTV 2, and I figured for $99, what did I have Note: Copy the zip to your Atv via SSH or Cyberduck to. In the past few weeks users with jailbroken Apple Tv's using applications such as Icefilms have been having some difficulties using the. I downloaded the icefiles zip file and got it on XBMC on my apple tv with winscp. add-ons it gives me an error. script failed: lightscar.xyzms. CYBERDUCK HOWTO Веб магазин косметики. Приобрести Подробнее 815,00. Приобрести Подробнее 815,00. Веб магазин косметики, 400 грн Время косметики и парфюмерии Добро пожаловать в сумму: 00,00 грн. Приобрести Подробнее 600,00.

This is ofr my ATV1? Ok great thanks for the advice I have cracked it I have installed the usb creator software on my ATV1 now what I wanted to ask is where do I pull the iplayer plugin from? Also how did you guys putty into the box? Did you connect a network cable to the apple tv? OR do you use seas0npass to jailbreak it?

Last edited: Nov 23, I'm using 'putty'? I have tried Winscp too?? Any help apprecited! Any help apprecited I can ping fine but unable to ssh or winscp into ATV1 to copy the iplayer file??? I am currently trying to download the ssh tool lets see what happens! Thanks for you help on this guys! I have installed the bbc iplayer as well works a treat. The other question I wanted to ask is there a way to on ATV1: 1. Put the Iplayer in the main screen of the apple tv menu?

Brill thanks! I have managed to add Iplayer as Favourite so once click will present Iplayer! Ok last question hopefully!! Has anyone got 'Icefilms' working on ATV 1 or 2? Just answered my own question I have it working on my ATV 1 now? The question I want to now ask is this legal don't want to get into trouble! Last edited: Nov 24, Nevermind, found it and installed it.

Looks ok, but not subscribing to MU, it's long to load to anything Similar threads. Using an appletv Gen 2 in Replies 6 Views Jan 1, natterjak. New Media Player Advice Please. Replies 15 Views 4K. Sep 29, dpriest. Replies 0 Views Feb 14, sabe Speaker advice required. Replies 95 Views 2K. Feb 19, tony cosgrove. Replies 4 Views Mar 17, Keriam. Published Friday at PM.

I just JailBroke an Apple T. V on Saturday and I had many issues with it but not this one, I eventually got it working…. You click on that up screen to go back on the right hand side. And then click on the folder on each step. When you have it, you just pick up the file from the left side and drop it on to the right. Let me know if there is anything else you need. I was able to replicate the problem.

I hope you were able to get it on your own, but just in case…. I try the reboot. Keep you informed. A hard reboot and 10 minutes fixed that. This seems like something that popped up after because after Marwan stated his issue I see one other reference to it from that date and yours is now the third. If anyone who uses my guide today or even yesterday can chime in and tell us if you have been successful in getting IceFilms to install that would be a great help.

There have been some zip files posted of just the plugin in this thread that were not in the correct structure to install from — so people just used these to grab the necessary files and copy them to their xbmc install. I suspect they are trying to install these files. Are the two responses I have received thus far. Great review! This is truly the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the Google for not positioning this post higher!

You have awesome videos but I am having a huge problem with my jailbroken Apple TV 2. I have jailbroken it using your step-by-step an have had no problem for a few weeks now. Any suggestions? I suspect the script error you are having may not be fixed by this however. Even before that, just unplug your Apple T. V 2 for 30 seconds and plug it back in before you do anything.

Is there a jailbreak out for that firmware yet? If not how long does it take for one to be released?! Thanks so much by the way Raj, you are very helpful for a blog!!! All is not lost! Since you were able to Jail Break your Apple T. V once, I recommend starting over again if you are unsure what is wrong. This may be your best option right now because when you Jailbreak, the step that uses iTunes and SeasonPass actually takes your Apple T.

V 2 back to a previous Firmware. V 2 is updated to the newest firmware, but if you are still having issues this may be the best thing. Also, check the usual stuff like internet connection and signal strength. Test a YouTube video, sometimes its easy to forget the little things when trying to figure out the big ones!

Let me know how it goes! I added xmbc fine as well. You just got extremely unlucky there! I have been trying to get Icefilms to work but i keep getting Script Errors! But in case anyone wants to follow along its a great resource to use as well. But what I do, is take all the information from x amount of pages and post the relevant stuff. I also follow the Xbmc forums as well. I totally agree with all your thoughts you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article.

Thank you, this info is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! Raj my man! Quick question! I have noticed that Icefilms the last few days has been nothing short of spotty! It loads everything up to the episode but when you go to pick the Source it is empty!

Is this because they are still in the process of switching servers? Yeah it seems like there is still an issue, they are switching back and forth and may have caused some sort of error. Thanks for the response Raj! Lets hope it gets up and running soon! Why is it donw anyways?

No, it seems like moving over to a new host has caused this. When they moved over, it was a lot more problematic then anyone could have imagined. I know how you feel, a few people Jail Broke their Apple T. I know they will love it as they watch tons of T. What I usually do when my main source is down is just wait, this way I have two episodes to watch instead of just one.

I learned a long time ago that patience is a virtue. That website you gave is really good. I will use it as a resource for sure as the person writing it is way more knowledgeable then me. His estimate is 2 or 3 days more, and I can live with that. Thanks again Jeff! Im a starter on apple tv jailbreak, although I know a lot on jb iPhones. Thanks a lot. Just search the internet for version 4. When i install the plugins Icefilms and it ask me for the install of MB of picture and it done downloading.

It freeze when it installing it. Ive waited like minutes and it always leading me to this error. First of all thank you very much for the kind words! That MB is currently broken when last I checked there is a way to fix it, but I believe it may not be worth the effort. Just hit the menu button and it should stop it right away!

I will research this and find a easy fix and put it here in the comments! Thanks again for reading! Thanks Raj! Because i am having some troubles with the icefilms movie plugins. For a reason that i dont know i hit the menu buttons and it dossent do anything. I am thinking about just re-jailbreaking it again with season pass. Is this a temporary thing, maybe IceFilms is moving stuff around again?

V for T. V shows and it works, either it was fixed or this is an isolated problem. Let me know if you are up and running, or if you have the technical expertise, try what they are suggesting in post Hi Raj. Just was your replu with the answer your promised. All you have to do is a quick force refresh and it will update to version 1.

All is well after that! Hi Raj , just done it msut hold the menu buttons on the system, add-ons sections to force refresh. Try deleting the cache first, unfortunately it is hit and miss, some are saying 1. Might have to wait a few days and see how it goes. I done a error yesterday, by re-jailbreaking. So i accenditly update to the 4.

I was wondering, i know you can downgrade, but is there a new jailbreak available? Sorry I missed this, soon as the 4. I hope. The spacing has to be perfect. Wherever I have spaces, you must too. Try that and tell me if it works, if not, I will see if anything has changed. Just wanted to say thank you for these tutorials. Hahaha, Its comments like these that make doing this totally worth it!

I just bought an Apple TV 2 and it has software 4. I keep trying to put Seas0npass on it and have had no success! Any ideas?! Deal breaker for me Soon as a 4. I would like to downgrade to 4. From there you can proceed to Jailbreak as normal. Yes, you would have to unzip it after downloading it. V 2 screen. Hold shift and then click on Restore. Then go to where you have the file unzipped and select it. That should start the Restoration process.

This is awesome, thank you so much for the help! I had to do a full ATV2 reinstall after the first time to get Icefilms to work, but now I can view and load everything. Does paying for a premium MegaUpload account make it faster?

OK, I kind of figured that it was just to eliminate that 45sec startup time. Why is this not catching on at a faster rate? If I do figure it out, I will let you know! I opened the box and hooked it up to my tv to get a quick look at it before JB and saw that it read apple fw 4. I have tried SeasonPass and Sn0wbreeze and each time I get a error that it cannot restore. It always happens after it tries to verify with apple in Itunes. Is apple not signing the firmware anymore? Then follow the Jailbreak steps.

Should be much easier that way. I seem to be giving that advice a lot…. I have tried downloading the firmware and instead of unzipping the file I had to change the. If I just unzip the file then I just get a folder with the files in it and I cant choose the folder for a restore. I bought a new cable today and I still keep getting the same error. An unknown error occured It always gives me the error after it tries to verify with apple in Itunes.

Again this apple tv was just opened brand new in the box so I have never backed up anything from it or updated it. Thanks for all your help. That firmware I linked you to might be too old, see if you can find a newer one on Google and retry the Jailbreak. Also, you can just upgrade to the newest one and if you are okay without IceFilms for a while, you can get all the new features,. Well I finally got it to work and jb 4. It seemed that the host file was not pointing to Apple and causing the first error and after fixing that I was getting the 21 error and seemed like I was having a problem staying in DFU mode so I actually plugged in the power cord while trying to JB and then unplugged it and that seemed to fix my issues.

Thank You for this wondeful website of knowledge and help. I am glad everything worked for you! Keep in mind, that under 1 I. P address you can only have one instance of IceFilms working. Meaning that if you are connected to the same router under the same ISP Internet Service Provider Mega Upload will only allow one device to work at a time. So if a second person tries to start watching something, they will not be able while the other is already on.

I had the same issue first time. Make sure after you connect your atv2 and it asks if you want to allow apple to automatically update, hit no. Open iTunes, and hold shift down before hitting Restore. Select the created restore file. Hope that works for you, it was the issue I had! The same situation has happened 4 times! And go through all the steps.

I have Jailbroken 10 Apple T. But based on other comments I have received I have to believe it is working and it could be this simple issue for you. If I hear anything else I will post it, please let me know how it goes and if you get it working, it would be good to know even if it really is a spacing issue. IceFilms is currently down. Need to wait it out, no official reason given yet. Thank you for reading my blog! I believe you have this issue due to Apple T.

V 2 looking for updates, and it knows that there are updates available if you scroll up to the Blog and right below the last video immediately before the comments section, there is the information to turn off auto updating. After that the resets will stop! Thx, My friend got it working with nitotv, so i will probably go for it, i see the updatebegone will need to be installed to stop ATV2 auto updates.

I seem to have installed everything correctly including ice films. The different films show up on the screen but when I click on a film to view it, I always get an error script? Actually Danny, you have done well, Congrats! The error coming up now is not your fault, there are issues that occur with IceFilms time to time that are from the source, and even those are not their fault sometimes. V 2 time to time to see if its back up. Have fun with it and good luck!

Icefilms plugins are spotty at the moment due to some attacks on their servers. Go to the main icefilms page for updates. It is by no means a perfect way to watch videos. Supplement with Navi X plugin. Thanks, Raj and Jacoby for replying so promptly.

Quite impressed with myself for getting it right first time. So what is this Navi X plug-in all about? Similar to ice films? I just wait for IceFilms to come back up and then spend a marathon catching up. Nito is driving me crazy. As far as I know my jailbreak worked so I dont know what to do.

Hopefully that helps out! Please let me know how it goes! I love you too! It does go down from time to time, but otherwise it is a great program. Going through Google, I see many people back in Jan and Feb having that issue and then none since. I would recommend first restarting the Apple T. V 2 and then if that does not work, redoing the Jailbreak sequence. Unfortunately, this is the first time coming across that error.

Even waiting a day or two and then trying to reinstall would help. Just search how to do that on Google and that will take over ride the issue altogether. Let me know how it goes and what you did to resolve the issue, at the same time I will keep searching for solutions. At least that echo statement worked.

But no menu item for nitoTV. So I try to reboot ATV2—bam! The echo command above is wrong somehow. When I try to do an apt-get install it says there is a malformed line 1…. Worked perfectly for me. Beware inept reviews!! This thing is not easy, there are so many variables that need to be addressed, if you do a search on Google, many times it is hit or miss and many people have many issues, you have to be vigilant and diligent in your process.

As for the spacing issue for the echo command, if you go to the video at the gentleman xtechs states where the spaces are suppose to be. I will offer this, if you can grab another unit and try again, or wait for the next guide that will cover the next upgrade. Am I to create this folder myself? My ATV 2 is runngin 4. Hey, I wish I found this tutorial a bit sooner since I would have save some time finding some of the same steps you went through earlier in the guide.

Anyhow, my problem is getting my ATV2 to see the Icefilm addon. I have used Winscp to get it into the media folder. Next, I tried unplugging for a power cycle for 20 minutes. I had a similar problem when I was copying the zip file into the media folder and it was copying as a zip.

I did have to power cycle 5 mins before I could actually see the video addons in the anarchintosh folder. Thanks for the solution! Its awesome to see people helping people! And thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it — your solution worked. Apple TV is working fine; an affordable htpc. I forgot to mention. A big thank you to Raj for the walkthrough. After a few problems I got it all up and running and am happily streaming my first movie now.

Beats the selection on Netflix. Hi Raj I am trying to install nitotv using putty. I ran into a problem. When I enter apt-get update, at the end I get this message. E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

However, having said that, it also could be that the version is no longer supported due to the new release. I also ran into these errors. I have been playing around with this issue I had. I fixed it by re-installing atv flash black. Then I went in manage extras and installed xbmc and nitotv. I went in XBMC in videos add ons. I also tried using winSCP. I put the zip file in the right place, but I can not find it on my appletv.

I also would like to install other ones like fastpass. I am thinking it might be the same thing over again. Try to see if that works! I tried to turn off updates by ssh-ing into my ATV2, and after putting in the commands from your Aug 4th update, I have no playback on my videos. Runs and hides! Can you try to power cycle your unit? Like unplug it and wait 5 min and plug it back in. V 2 resetting itself before today?

It should have been giving you that issue prior to this… Unless you just Jail broke it recently…. It also stopped my netflix from working. I am sorry for the headache it caused you, all I can offer is that it is a random error that occurred and is not directly related to it. Please keep me updated on after you reinstall and go through the process again.

Problem is since the new update, I have noticed a greater frequency of errors being reported. There is a tethered update available and XBMC only works on the nightly build. I will wait for the untethered version before updating and making a new guide. Please keep me informed on your progress and let me know if you go through all the steps again, including the August 4th update and if it happens again. I also have the problem with my Apple TV rebooting after X minutes. If you are technically inclined and something does happen, are you able to fix the issue.

If you think you can handle it, and the fact that it sucks that your Apple T. V 2 keeps resetting then please try it. If not, then just wait, until we can get some independent verification that it was a random error that occurred and not something directly related to the SSH instructions. So far so good. Have been able to watch The Hangover 2 and the last episode of Walking the Dead without any hickups.. So, curiosity was getting the best of me and I decided to go and get an Apple T.

V 2 and see if I could Jailbreak it using my guide. V 2 its really fast for me, but I took the time to go through everything, including SSHing the update instructions from the August 4th, update So everything went flawless and smooth.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the process! For some reason, I do see a blip every morning on the site stats for my other blog, Is IceFilms down or UP but by the time I wake up and try it, all is operational. I am beginning to think there are random outages, but not across the board. Hopefully its back up and running for you now. Also, make sure you have automatic updating on, a new version 1.

Just in case…. If you want it back to normal, get a usb to micro usb cord online for a few bux and simply restore it through itunes. That should fix your problems. Same here, in all the comments, only one person has totally and completely ever failed at doing this. But I think that had more to do with a personality trait then anything else.

Some people have feelings of anxiety with they tread into uncharted territory and there are a lot of things that feel like they are going wrong. Everything has worked beautifully so far but I still need sports. Any help would be much appreciated.

Like how you did for IceFilms There is an instructional video in the comments up above if you need any other assistance. Let me know how it goes and if you need anything else! When you start the section on installing NitoTV, your audible video instructions do not match what you are typing into Putty.

People should also be cautioned about trying to copy and paste the line of code into Putty you have above, as doing so will replace the quotes with dots. It took me about two hours to figure this out. Another note on installing IceFilms.

My default view of the XBMC add-on menu goes horizontally across the screen, and is not on the left side as you show in your video. For those like me who had trouble finding the Add-Ons section, you need to click on the Settings menu item, and not the sub-categories. This will present you with the vertical menu on the left side from which you can select Add-Ons.

From there you can install from the zip file. I have that video to help with the spacing as the fonts make it seem like the spaces on certain places are not there. But I will take your line and add it to the blog under the line as I was planning to do that myself, so thank you for the information! Hello, I am able to jailbreak my apple TVs.

V 2 from the store and went through my guide, a few comments up, Nov. I was able to without any problems. So I know its hit and miss but you have to really work on it. Hi, Raj. First off, thanks for all the info here! I have been able to install icefilms following all the instructions, but I am receiving a script failure error when I try and download the metadata container and when I try and play any videos.

I am running the latest 4. Any thoughts? No worries, thanks for reading my blog! Just keep trying though, eventually it will work as long as the meta container exists, there is another way, but try the normal way first. I believe you should be up and running by now.

I was just able to download and install the meta container although it froze after it completed and I needed to unplug appletv. Icefilms now seems to be working great! Thanks again. No worries, glad I was able to help! Just so you know, IceFilms is having other issues to, you, as well as I might be the only ones with IceFilms working as far as I know! Just kidding of course, but consider yourself lucky as many people cannot access IceFilms due to Mega Upload being down.

Heh, this makes it official, I think a few add-ons are down. I just tried to load two programs, one worked and the second failed, then tried again and it worked. There is something going on as both took longer then normal to load. Not down across the board, but I think there are currently issues. Was just checking all the forums, seems it is a Mega Upload issue.

Yeah, its happened before apparently, guess some might be waiting longer then others. Looks like we might be down for more then just a few days according to the seriousness of it. Thx for posting that! No, P has never really worked right. At least not that I have seen. Maybe someone else can shed some light on that! Thanks for the information, I am sure that has been the issue all along, and someone suggested something to the effect a few comments above, Zip.

Thanks again! I think Apple T. V took mercy on you and decided to let it work! About 10 minutes or so in depending on your internet connection you could have just unplugged it, plugged it back in and it would have been working. Give or take an additional 10 minutes But the point is, it is working and you figured it out yourself! Also, I am predicting the new update to be untethered soon, so you can use the new features make sure to check back once and a while so you can update and use it.

A lot of people get stuck here, but keep trying the spacing. If it takes way too long then there could be another issue, I would recommend a PC restart or waiting a day to try it again. Please keep me posted on your progress! Hello, after running Putty as an admin I enter my ip addrs and make sure all the settings are as you described. You have to make sure your Apple T. Its not common to get this error so you are going to have to see what it is that might be a bit off.

Remember this will only work if your Apple T. V 2 is Jail broken. The video IceFilms missing Part 1 and 2 will show you how to find it and how to extract it from your Apple T. Just play around with the folders, if you can transfer the file over, you can find it on the Apple T.

V 2 as you can just look through all the folders. It seems complex but trust me its not. I just Jail Broke another Apple T. V 2 last night from start to finish and it was a breeze, so I assure you, unless something happened between now and then, all is well.

V 2 as you can just look through all the folders…. I also downloaded navi-x and looks like you can but just 30 sec at a time kind of irritating…and talking about irritating is even more irritating the fact that the title are not in alphabetic order or that you cant resume the movie you where watching…there is something about that that you can fix on the settings??

This could be due to a lot of reasons, if it is doing so in a T. V show or Movie, you need to use the SSH commands to stop the updates from happening. Last part of my blog, after its says update from August 4th. They are working on the Fast Fwding and Rewinding, FFW works a little bit if you hold the centre button, I think you can get up to 32x but its not that fast, to forward 1 hour into a film takes about minutes. Hope that helps and good luck! Let me know if there is anything else you need, thanks for reading my blog!

I can watch tv shows but when I try and watch the movies I get a script error…. Hi Raj, first, many thanks for the informative blog post. I made it through my first ever jailbreak and install of icefilms with relative ease thanks to your guide. I have a question. I have coworkers and friends who want me to jailbreak their device and set it up for them. Since when you jailbreak it, you need to connect it to iTunes, is it like other apple devices where I need their iTunes account to finalize, or can I use my own iTunes or any iTunes account to finalize the jailbreak process?

If the latter, it would make it very easy for me to do this as opposed to them bringing their laptops to work, etc…. Another question with regards to the version of ATV2. My own version was 4. However, what if my friends have an older version — can I update to 4. I am so happy that it worked for you from start to finish!

Makes the blog and the time I spent on it totally worth it! V really have nothing to do with each other in the way an iPod or iPhone have…. As long as its not a version higher I think there is nothing to worry about and even then , even ones that are new out of the box I just do the steps involved and it works. Its only going to matter to those who want the new iOS features that it will make a difference.

Not available untethered yet. Try it, if the Jailbreak fails then you know you have to bring it back to an older firmware. Computer illiterate mac user again. Any help would be appreciated. Something is up with Icefilms again. Could it be that an update for icefilms 1. I also tried uninstalling it and re-installing it. Hi Raj You are tremendously generous with your time!

I am getting all the way through the process after numerous hours of back tracking on my mistakes almost at the end but now get larger itunes logo with usb cable on my tv. I any ideas or suggestions?? Thanks Colin. If I am understanding right, you are using the Jailbreak that requires tethering, if that is the case, you cannot unplug the Apple T. V to move it over to your T. V setup. You must keep it on. Check your version and if worst comes to worst you can start over after restoring your Apple T.

Sometimes it can be as easily as clicking an extra folder or two in Apple T. V because many of the subdirectories and root directories are named similarly. I noticed that the add-on called lubetube is not working anymore?

I also noticed that the icon has changed, so I am guessing there was an update. When I go to click on an episode. Usually it says working in the bottom right hand side. V is gone. V to work yet…. Try to remove and add the program back and see if that makes a difference… Keep me informed!

I know how to install it, but I think there is more to setup once installed and thats where I am lost. I was wondering if you can do a video on this program? Wow seems really interesting if you enjoy the full experience. Thanks for letting me know about this!

I jailbreak about apple TVs a day. Is it possible to skip the whole TV part. Is it possible to jailbreak one, add xbmc, add sources, etc… and then clone its HDD to all other apple TVs? But I will begrudgingly admit that this is above my knowledge level. I would suggest posting this to the XBMC community and seeing what they have to say. I will take a look when I get a chance to see if this has been covered before and provide you with a better answer!

What if we were to make a firmware that already included XBMC and sources? This may have nothing to do with it, or it may have everything to do with it. Like I said, this is a bit above my pay grade.. I would recommend takling to the XBMC community on their forums and seeing what you can come up with, if its possible someone would have made it already.

I have a friends appletv2 that he wants me to jailbreak. I noticed that the firmware is 4. Can it be done? I believe as long as you use the untethered Jailbreak provided by Firecore it will downgrade the Apple T. V 2 to the version required. V 2 to that version and then begin the Jailbreak process. I have an issue with my appletv2. I have my appletv2 connected with my pc. I have purchased the atv flash black and installed that with no problem?

If you figured it out yourself please share it with me! Hi Raj, Great info on yor site, however I seem to be having a problem actually installing the icefilms plugin. Im having the same problem as an earlier message, I get a message in the bottom right saying the fils dose not have the correct structure. I have tried getting the zip from different places with the same result. Did you find out how to overcome this issue? Are you on a Mac or PC?

If you are on a PC make sure you are downloading the repo that is in the link in my blog. If that is the one not working, please let me know and I will find out if it has finally stopped being supported. Thanks for reading my blog and good luck! You are making me blush! A lot of people use Cyberduck for Mac in order to transfer the files over.

V 2 or the Apple T. V 2 will not recognize the file. I installed it no problem but when I go to browse TV or movies and open any title I find an empty folder with only.. Please help lol. Sorry for the delay in responding, this should fix itself after a hard reboot or with some time.

I go to add-ons, and enable it… and when I go to the video add-on folder to install it, the Anarchintosh folder is empty.. Yup, sorry, that was the old way, now before you get to the empty folder, press and hold the Menu button. A mini menu will pop up and click on Force Refresh.

Instant fix. Second, if the first fails, is to uninstall the repo and reinstall it, but make sure you use the one in my link above from the blog. IF those two things fail, connect your Apple T. V 2 back to iTunes and factory restore it, and start the whole process over, sometimes, something like that is required. Wish I had seen this site before?? Is one able to watch live tv throught the apple tv?

Also, my mom would like to watch Indian Movies.. Thanks for this great site…could have saved me some money if I had seen it earlier…oh well. NITO is just a client software that lets you get other stuff. Download SportsDevil for live streaming Sports. V again….

Sorry Raj.. SSH just means accessing a remote computer which is essentially what you are doing when transferring files from your PC to your Apple T. Hello thank you for all the help. I am trying to see what I can do because I have the same exactly problem right now…just to say..

I have heard that ice films is down, is this why? Also I am using my MacBook is this different than using a pc? Do I need nito tv to get ice films? Any simple instructions would be greatly appreciated as I am not a computer guy. Thanks in advance. But I think you are enjoying and watching it right now! Looks like everything is back up and running after an awesome update!

Hope you all are enjoying your Apple T. If there is anything you need just post it and I will help you out, but for most of the concerns above they should have been addressed with this update! Can you check to see if your IceFilms is up to date on the latest version and that you have automatic updating on. V 2 for a few minutes, sometimes that makes a big difference too.

Also, I downloaded the 4. Should I switch for a previous version? Which version is best to use? Second comment takes care of your Zipping issue. Now when i click video add-ons then icefilms it loads the main menu tv shows movies music stand up comedy ect. I persume i need to download the big file again but it no longer promps me to do so even if i remove icefilms can u help? I know i have gone wrong somewhere.

I jail broke my atv with Seas0ns pass. Put the file you said in the right spot. As per these directions. No problem. I see it and it is still zipped. When you are over the file, you just click on the silver middle button and it just does it. I will recommend you delete the file and try again. Or even just unplug the ATV2 for a bit and try again.

This should not be happening. OK, Im struggling with Icefilms. Ok filezilla worked. Thats the way.. U musta put it in the wrong folder on FileZilla.. Must turn that feature off, or you will never find it on your Apple T. Instructions on how to do that are about comments up. Thank you. I got this Macbook pro for Christmas….. I dont get it.. Ok, I got it to show up. I clicked on it and it said enabled add on. There was nothing in the add-ons.

So now i have unplugged the Apple TV like your video said and waiting minutes. It uses megauploaad. Restart the Apple T. After the restart it should be a lot better. But if everything is working it could be just today and tomorrow everything will be great.

Heh, sounded like a P issue, glad we caught that early on. As for the fast forward, hold down the silver center button, brings up the FF menu, the FF is very bad currently and that is after multiple updates, rewind does not work and to Forward an hour into a movie could take up to minutes. SO make sure if you start watching something to finish it. Sweet, Thanks for all the help.

Your site rocks and videos are the most informative out there. At home I have entertainment systems that attach to YouTube. Please tell me what i am doing wrong. Make sure you have connected your Apple T. V 2 to your WiFi connection and your T. V and also input the I. P address of the Apple T. V 2 in the field. Its not enough just to have the Username and password. Appreciate the work, great tutorial. I got a question for you.

Mainly Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian. I am trying to reinstall icefilms, but when I click on the anarchintosh addons folder it is empty. I updated the blog already to reflect that change, go to the folder right before the empty folder, hold down on the menu button and a mini menu pops up and click on force refresh. Oh, sorry about that, try again after an hour or two and repeat until it does come back, each time do a unplugged restart or force refresh. Let me go and read the forums, see why its no up.

Also, uninstall it and reinstall it just to make sure its not something with the installation process. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. That is a very smartly written article.

Cyberduck apple tv 2 icefilms manageengine careers


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Cyberduck apple tv 2 icefilms ubuntu install tightvnc server

How to add Navi-X to AppleTV-2 Using CyberDuck (Win \u0026 Mac)


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IceFilms Install cyberduck apple tv 2 icefilms

Switch Editions?

Teamviewer macbook black screen This may have nothing to do with it, or it may have everything to do with it. Final Hibernate Search 4. I was able to install nitoTV onto my apple tv. Wow, that's a long list, but that day has arrived! I suggest just sitting back and enjoying the watch and then attempting this.
Cyberduck apple tv 2 icefilms This may actually be huge blow to IceFilms and its future. V 2 will not recognize the file. Second comment takes care of your Zipping issue. Is this a temporary thing, maybe IceFilms is moving stuff around again? Also, I downloaded the 4. Claim or contact us about this channel.
Thunderbird sc 0 60 Connect winscp to iphone connection refused
Zoom download para pc Sure you will have to pay for a lot of subscriptions, but nowadays you can enjoy content without being charged an arm and a leg. Double-click the Home button on your device to launch recently used apps. Wow, amazing blog layout! Lately we found an annoying bug in our CAS login system. Thx, My friend got it working with nitotv, so i will probably go for it, i see the updatebegone will need to be installed to stop ATV2 auto updates. From there, just follow the guide and ask me any more questions you may have!
Cyberduck apple tv 2 icefilms The whole setup took less than half an hour and is doable even for beginners, so unleash you router UPDATE: Actually the problem with this configuration is, that the devices in room2 do not see the devices in room1 and vice versa. The following picture in my opinion shows best how the transitions between the three actors are defined. V 2 looking for updates, and it knows that there are updates available if you scroll up to the Blog and right below the last video immediately before the comments section, there is the information to turn off auto updating. A RSS feeds display program. I know i have gone wrong credentials expected by vnc server. How long have you been blogging for? I clicked on it and it said enabled add on.

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