Splashtop usb image

splashtop usb image

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splashtop usb image

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Filtered by:. Previous 1 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 template Next. Comment Post Cancel. I'll try it again some time, but it seemed the machine froze on the Express Gate splash screen. That worked perfectly. I wonder why. Well grub was installed into partition, all you need to do was to make that partition active or use chainloader on it. In your case you don't need grub, but for the poor others without ce in the bios.

Kano and other pro please help. But every time i reboot i'd get the message "EG not install or incomplete I tried uninstall EG and reinstall into C a few times.. Then EG boot to the menu.. Del to restart I am starting to hate this MB I had the latest Bios installed.. Hi I have a eeepc 4g, with win xp on ssd so i used the win installer to usb flash drive. Is there any kind of boot option to pass that might help me get a clean boot and get rid of the flashing Is there anyway that you could help with adding the new sqx apps ive tryed a few pkgs but kernel stops with scaning Is this a problem with lilo's MBR?

Comment Post Cancel. Saidly none of the available virtual nics are supported, hopefully one of it gets added to a newer release. As it is pretty hard to copy the kernel to a Linux partition when there is none, I just installed a grub bootloader with the 2nd script.

Therefore you have to enable the USB legacy storage option and then you find it as harddisk in the menu. New boards have got a menu on a hotkey, F12 for Gigabyte, otherwise change the boot order between the harddisk. You may need to reboot to see the device when USB storage support was turned off. No way to boot from front usb and not even all directly available ports from the board worked. Last edited by Kano ; 26 July , AM. Thanks for the info. I will try some of the things you say, but a few things to note: The machines I tried to boot are capable to boot from the same USB stick with another Linux on it, for example Puppy Linux.

That's why I think maybe something went wrong with the installation process. I might enable more echo and re-run the script to see if any of the commands reports a problem. Therefore I basically rewrote it. This script uses grub: Code:.

OK, it works now the original syslinux version. I must have had a BIOS setting wrong. I could boot it up on my Dell laptop, but unfortunately no wireless Intel or LAN support I thought it might have this since Asus uses it on some laptops, but no luck.. Well as soon as they are shipping laptops with it this could happen. Originally posted by Kano View Post. It boots relatively fast, but with several drawback. All rights reserved.

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