Citrix xendesktop white paper

citrix xendesktop white paper

More CITRIX whitepapers. Three Businesses Share Why They Chose Citrix XenDesktop Over VMware View XenDesktop is the only future-proof solution to deliver. White Paper Get the Most out of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. Four reasons to go Platinum for high-ROI enhancements. using Citrix XenApp 6.x. A recent survey by eG Innovations and DABCC revealed: White Paper | 5 Best Practices to Ensure Stellar Post-Migration Citrix. COMODO INTERNET SECURITY UNINSTALLER REVIEWS Приобрести Подробнее 1 350,00 грн. Бесплатная доставка от 400 грн Время работы Интернет-магазин работает с пн. Веб магазин косметики, тестера косметики, пробники косметики и парфюмерии Добро пожаловать в сумму: 00,00 грн. Приобрести Подробнее 125,00.

This section will primarily focus on roaming, as this is one of the most common profile configurations with XenApp and XenDesktop deployments. However Citrix Profile Management 4. Without proper management and configuration, roaming profiles can easily grow to a large size, either in terms of file size or number, and both can cause delays in logons for example, a large number of cookies add noticeable time to a logon, even if the total file size is minimal. To reduce the size of roaming profiles, Microsoft and Citrix recommend redirecting almost all user folders, such as Desktop and Documents, to a file share.

The one exclusion is AppData, as the contents of this folder can be heavily utilized by some applications and may cause perceived sluggishness if data retrieval must cross the network. Additionally, if business requirements permit, some folders such as Internet History can be ignored altogether, reducing both network traffic and profile size.

Additionally, network bandwidth and connection issues can greatly impact logon times due to profiles. If the user profile repository is unavailable, by default the session will try to connect to the designated user profile for up to 30 seconds.

If unable to connect, the server can either refuse to allow access to the session the default , or grant the user a default local profile. Generally, the former option is recommended as it will allow issues to be recognized more quickly, but in some environments giving the user a default profile creates a better user experience and more availability if the file share is unavailable. If both are enabled in the environment, it is important to troubleshoot the right set of profiles.

For third-party profile solutions, please see the Citrix Ready website. Either size or quantity of files in a roaming profile can increase the download size. Corrupt Profiles If a user commonly opens up With Windows Server R2 Active multiple sessions, this increases the Directory, enable interim roaming chances of developing corrupt profile writes.

Alternatively, use a roaming profiles. Unavailable Profile Store The profile store is unavailable, Ensure the profile store is highly resulting in a logon delay and available. Overloaded Profile Store The server hosting the profile store Optimize the server for file sharing, has either too many users ensure the hardware including disks connecting, or may not be optimized and network can handle the necessary as a file server, causing delays in load, and distribute to multiple servers delivering roaming profiles.

Identifying whether GPOs or startup scripts are causing issues can be accomplished by moving a XenApp server or XenDesktop into an organizational unit OU with no policies and blocked inheritance, and login with a test user account that has no policies applied. Another common cause of delays is mapping large numbers of printers, whether via GPO or from the client. Some users may have dozens of printers mapped on their client device, which by default will be mapped on the XenApp server or XenDesktop VDA as well.

If the latter is the method chosen on by default , printers will be mapped in the background as the user starts working on the application, though it may mean that printers are not available for several seconds after logon. Use AD can have a significant impact on groups and build permissions into base logon times. Long Running Logon Some scripts may complete a lot of Optimize and merge logon scripts Scripts actions, including calls to other where possible.

Windows Server scripts, long loops, mapping network introduced Group Policy Preferences, drives, and others. For XenDesktop, having available machines ready for assignment can greatly reduce logon times, as powering on a machine can add significant time to a logon. Additionally, disabling unnecessary services and startup programs can help reduce the time required for the machine to power on, if business reasons dictate it is impossible to have the machine pre-powered. The applications themselves should not be ignored — if they are slow to start up, launching them within a XenApp or XenDesktop session will not inherently add or reduce startup time.

Users will perceive this as part of the logon process, but it actually occurs after the steps are completed. It may be possible to optimize the application itself by ensuring that connections it makes to backend database servers or file shares are expeditious, or by optimizing the application itself.

Additional logon screens may also create delays that increase the amount of time before users can actually start working. XenApp 6. Application Pre-Launch automatically starts an application session when a user logs into Citrix Receiver. The session does not appear until the user launches the application. The application load time is reduced since the session was already started when the user logged on to Citrix Receiver. Be aware that when configuring an application for Pre-Launch, a XenApp license is consumed since the application is launched, regardless if the user initiates a connection to the application or not.

Another option for speeding up the application launch process is to configure applications with Anonymous access. By configuring applications to start anonymously, the client authentication process is eliminated, which speeds up the application start process.

However there is a tradeoff to consider. Administrators lose the ability to control access to the application, Workspace Control is not supported, and user-specific settings are not retained once the session ends. Common Issue Description Mitigation Backend Database or File If backend resources for an Ensure backend resources are not share is Slow application are over-utilized, this can being used beyond their current affect startup times and performance capacity.

XenDesktop as well. Additional Logon Some applications require additional Using a single sign on application will Screens Appear authentication steps. Table 6: Common Application Issues Hardware and Networking Issues Networking issues, generally related to misconfigured DNS settings or poor routing, can cause significant delays as requests are passed to incorrect locations and have to wait for timeouts. Symptoms that may indicate network problems include intermittently long logon times, dropped packets during pings, errors in the event log indicating failures to contact the Domain Controller or resolve local domain and machine names.

These issues are generally some of the most difficult to troubleshoot because they may be the result of hardware issues or software misconfigurations and may occur intermittently to various groups of users. For example, if one DNS entry such as the profile store is incorrect in a round-robin configuration, then users will only occasionally experience delays as the service tries to find the target server, fails, and requests the next IP on the list.

Often times, in round-robin configurations, these issues may be intermittent or only cause delays rather than failing obviously. Insufficient Network During peak times, network Monitor connection points, dropped Bandwidth or Poor bandwidth may not be enough to packets, retransmits and client latency Quality handle the load required by all to servers to ensure quality activities, or quality of the connections.

If using virtualization technologies, the hypervisor or storage may also be over capacity. Beyond looking at the metrics, tracking down which component may be a bottleneck can be achieved through the following process: 1 If login to the Web Interface server takes a long time, it is possible that either the Web Interface server or the Domain Controller authenticating credentials is overloaded. There are a couple of ways to test this: a. The timeout for connecting to the license server is five seconds, resulting in a possible additional five-second delay if the server is unresponsive.

If a connection to a backend database or file share may be required and the end resources are overloaded or unavailable, causing the application itself to take longer to launch. The user generally just sees this step as part of the logon process, even though it occurs after all official logon steps. This basic process should help in determining which component in the architecture is causing delays, such as if the cause of the issue is an overloaded component. Unexpected Hardware Servers will occasionally go down Monitoring and alerting software is Downtime due to physical issues.

Table 8: Common Hardware Issues Troubleshooting Tools Trying to determine the root cause for slow logons to a Citrix environment is not an easy task without specific tools to monitor the logon and application startup process. EdgeSight is one tool that can be used to simplify many of the troubleshooting steps mentioned previously. Not only can it provide monitoring and alerting on server and desktop resources, response times of websites and servers, and other critical factors to aid in improving performance, it also reports data that fully explores the logon process and shows detailed information for the various steps.

These reports can be used by IT even without user interaction, allowing them to proactively repair issues before they become widespread problems that generate large numbers of help desk calls or user dissatisfaction. The image below gives an example of the report.

It may look complex at first, but this document will go into the definitions below the image. Information shown below applies to XenApp and XenDesktop logons, which are similar but not exactly the same time shown is in milliseconds. First, time is broken down by Server Side Duration and Client Side Duration, which indicates whether the client computer or the server side actions such as those mentioned above were the cause of a long logon.

This includes the time that it takes for the credentials to be verified — if this time is significant, it could indicate that the Domain Controller may be overloaded, or may have some other reason for taking a long time to respond. The time here indicates the necessary time required for the profile to be loaded during the session logon. This is the time required for GPOs to be applied and logon scripts to run. This is the amount of time that it takes to map printers. This is the time used to connect to network drives.

A full list of the different portions can be found below: Metric Abbreviation Meaning Actions Session Start-up Server This is the high-level server-side When this metric is high, it indicates that Duration SSD connection start-up metric that there is a server-side issue increasing encompasses the time session start times. When an application starts in a shared session, this metric is normally much smaller than when starting a new session, which involves potentially high-cost tasks such as profile loading and login script execution.

When this metric is high, it indicates a Review subsequent metrics in this table Client Start- client-side issue that is causing long to determine the probable root cause of up Duration CSD start times. Credentials Obtention The time taken for the server to This time is only likely to be a significant Server Duration obtain the user credentials.

Login Script Execution The time the server needs to run the Consider if you can streamline this user Server Duration user's login scripts or group's login scripts. Consider if you LSESD can optimize any application compatibility scripts or use environment variables instead. If the configuration is set creation policy settings. The number of such that printer creation is printers added locally on the users' client performed asynchronously, no value devices and your printing configuration is recorded for PCSD as it is does not can directly affect your session start impact completion of the session times.

When a session starts, start-up. Drive Mapping Server The time needed for the server to Make sure that, when possible, your base Duration DMSD map the user's client drives, devices policies include settings to disable and ports. This should not be between the when client connection is confused with the overall SSD. Duration AECD times. A value higher than 2 means that multiple Web Interface servers are unavailable. Reasons Web Interface servers might be unavailable include in order of likelihood : Network issues between the client and the server.

So the administrator should make sure that the Web Interface server is on the network and accessible to the clients. An overloaded Web Interface server that is not responding or has crashed for another reason. Also, review the Event Logs to see if Windows logged any serious errors. Credentials Obtention The time it takes to obtain user Subtract this metric from other client- Client Duration credentials.

This is a good metric to side metrics. COCD subtract from other client-side metrics. Note: COCD is only measured when the credentials are entered manually by the user. Because this metric may be artificially inflated if a user fails to provide credentials in a timely manner, it is subtracted from the Startup Client Duration SCD. This consideration is especially important if the metric is to be used for threshold alerting. Often, this results from network trouble between the two machines, so investigate potential network issues first.

Web Interface is having issues communicating with the other components, such as the XenApp server. Check to see if the network connection between Web Interface and XenApp is slow or some XenApp servers are down or overloaded. If the Web server seems okay, consider reviewing the XenApp farm for problems.

Begin by if a session already exists. The check is performed on the client to determine whether an existing session can handle the application launch request. The method used depends on whether the session is new or shared. Table EdgeSight Client Side Metrics Before using EdgeSight as a troubleshooting tool, begin by gathering some baseline metrics of a standard user account in the environment.

Citrix Profile Management is another tool that can aid in troubleshooting long logon delays. The Profile Management logs can be used to pinpoint delays occurring in the logon process. The Profile Management log records all events that occur during the logon and logoff process. Focus on these three strategies to easily manage compliance.

Enable secure remote access to 3D data without sacrificing visual performance A technology strategy to centralize 3D apps and data while providing an outstanding user experience. Best practices to enable clinician mobility for patient-centered healthcare Strategies, solutions and real- world examples for transforming healthcare IT without sacrificing security or compliance.

Five customers deliver virtual desktops and apps to empower a modern workforce This paper highlights the experiences of five real-world Citrix customers and discusses the resulting business benefits. Achieve business continuity and keep people productive with remote access Best practices, technologies and real-word examples to protect your business from disruptions.

Do you have a migration plan in place? Top 10 reasons to strengthen information security with desktop virtualisation Information security has become an increasingly critical concern for organisations of all kinds. Trends such as mobility, flexwork, consumerisation including BYOD, and cloud computing mean that more people, including teleworkers, mobile users, partners, outsourcing providers and other contractors are accessing enterprise applications and data from more places, on more devices and in more ways, than ever before.

Four organizations enable anywhere, any device CAD productivity Leading design and manufacturing organizations centralize 3D apps and data for high-performance remote collaboration. Virtual desktop acquisition cost analysis App and desktop virtualization is much more than a technology solution.

It is transforming the way organizations of all sizes are enabling their workforces while simplifying the desktop management process for IT administrators. But people sometimes believe that the flexibility of XenDesktop is the only thing that distinguishes it from Horizon View, and that for a VDI-only implementation, Horizon View is probably just as good.

CSO - 4 secrets to meaningful security discussions with the board of directors Corporate boards are more interested in security than ever before. Beyond one person, one desk, one device Across the UK, creative CIOs are transforming their local authorities with technology that enables a substantial reduction in cross-council operating costs while also improving outcomes for communities, staff and the organisation.

You name it Citrix leads it Competing solutions may look the same at a glance, but there are good reasons why Citrix leads the way. VDI and Beyond- Addressing Top IT Challenges to Drive Agility and Growth Desktop virtualization can be a powerful driver of business transformation, making it possible to deliver the apps and data people depend on whenever they need them, on whatever device. Citrix XenDesktop delivers FlexCast services to power your entire workforce. Empower employees.

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